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Howling III

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Friday Jan 18, 2019
Howling III

I'm fairly certain that fans of the first "Howling" movie weren't clamoring for endless sequels. But that's just what they got and "Howling III" went straight to video in 1987. It's definitely the best sequel in the tawdry lycanthropic series about a killing pack of werewolves. "Howling III" gets mostly played for outrageous laughs, and Shout Factory presents this Blu-ray debut of the in-name only sequel.

Subtitled "The Marsupials," "Howling III" is a definite howler and epitomizes the 1980s perfectly. From music montages and female characters with hair teased to the moon, the third film in the "Howling" series can be viewed as an '80s comedy.

Taking place in Australia, the film follows a young lady who happens to be a blood-sucking werewolf. She comes from a long line of marsupial wolves, and after escaping, there's hell to pay in the Australian Outback. Featuring ridiculous costumes, snappy one-liners, and gory set pieces, "Howling III" will entertain the most skeptical horror/comedy fan.

An enlightening interview segment with director Philippe Mora reveals that he basically took on the job for "Howling III" to pay for his wife's new car. He also purposely made the film as outrageous and funny as possible.

Vintage interviews with Mark Hartley and the film's theatrical trailer round out this generous Blu-ray offering to add to the Scream Factory collection.

"Howling III"

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