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Is ’Out’ Out in Hollywood?

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by Matthew E. Pilecki
EDGE Media Network Contributor


  • , 2010-04-28 17:57:11

    ""For me, [Martin] coming out was not a brave act-it was annoying," Goldman told EDGE. "First of all, we all knew, second it’s not going to hurt you in any way." Goldman is an ignorant fool. We all knew that Ricky Martin is gay because he was brave enough to have kids via a surrogate. Who is Goldman to decide about other people’s lives and careers? We live in a homophobic world, all gays suffer, and we don’t need gays who don’t understand how every openly gay person is a good thing and a little step forward.

  • rooneyboston, 2010-05-02 23:52:16

    Despite the apparent "in-depth"-ness of this article, it really doesn’t explain why coming out works for some actors and not for others. Rupert Evert’s acting persona probably would that of a heartthrob (like Matthew McConaghey, though personally neither of them do anything for me), and so coming out makes him unavailable in the fantasies of the millions of girls who pay to watch the chic movies he’s in. On the other hand, Neil Patrick Harris plays characters that aren’t dependent on the money of young girls for the show to succeed. And Ellen is cool and funny. Just my opinion, hollywood isn’t homophobic and America is becoming less so. But Hollywood wants to make money, and putting gay men in romantic leads just probably wouldn’t work. That doesn’t make them homophobic, just realistic.

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