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International Fine Art Show Dazzles

by Sean Cormier
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Nov 18, 2008

The 12th Annual International Fine Art Show was held from November 13 through the 16th at the Cyclorama in Boston's historic South end.

The exhibit, which featured original custom work from artists from Europe, Canada, and the United States, kicked off with a gala preview on November 13 that benefited Boston Symphony Orchestra.

The galleries drew steady crowds throughout the weekend and produced more than 3,000 unique pieces of work. Most of the displays consisted of contemporary paintings, various sculptures and photography with no limits on what an artist wanted to present to the public.

"I am very impressed overall with the emphasis on the little details and the presentation in each piece is absolutely wonderful", said Sandra Livingston, a native of New York City.

The gallery drew an eclectic audience from all over that was made up of students, art directors, local politicians and various local celebrities that came out to observe the displays and to listen to discussions by guest speakers.

Appearances were made by Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, Malcolm Rogers, who is the Director of The Museum of Fine Arts Boston, and Thomas Lentz, who is also a Director from the Harvard Art Museum to name a few.

Also present were notable radio disc jockeys, television anchors and appearances by several professional athletes.

"The work is just amazing and I am pleased with this event, ", said Larry Izzo of the New England Patriots who made an appearance and was a guest speaker.

Some of the gallery highlights of the event were from Fontainebleau Fine Art and artist Pascale Siblet-Margenot who is based out of Connecticut who is a native of France. Her displays specialize in 19th and 20th century paintings that revolve around the movement in art history.

Siblet-Margenot explained that she makes European art affordable for the American consumer as she actually invests in all the art herself. She also mentioned that her work is all done as a private dealer, guarantees authenticity and avoids consignments from third parties.

The collection had artists that were notable to art enthusiasts but also not too well known to where the consumer could be priced out of a piece that they want for a personal collection.

Another collection that was well represented was the IRIS Gallery. The gallery which carries over thirty up and coming artists who specialize in contemporary images in black and white as well as color photography. On display was a range of American urban to African safari with details that were very authentic to the naked eye.

Alison Collins, accompanied by an assistant represented the gallery and was very enthusiastic, accommodating and informative about all of the artists they promote.

Contemporary art was a theme throughout the Elisa Tucci Art display as well. Lisa Cooper and Joan Daidone, who are New York City residents, represented approximately ten painters and sculptors.

The art displayed ranged from Native American/African Tribal custom-designed pieces to abstract nature and wide landscapes. The diversity of the work showed with vibrant color displays of clouds to paintings of the natural world with organic materials.

Daidone emphasized how her gallery specializes in unique contemporary art of the last 30 years and the overall art collection experience. The gallery informs buyers of the importance of not only buying what you love but also caring, documenting, insuring and to actual live with your art for a lifetime.


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