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Born this way? LA Drag Queens lash out at Gaga

Thursday Mar 3, 2011

Whether you are a fan or not of Lady Gaga, pop culture fans cannot ignore the unsettling unrest from a growing number of former Gaga fans.

This past Tuesday night (March 1, 2011) at Sheddy's Public Parlour drag queens Raquel Redd, Detox Icunt and Ms. Luna staged a demonstration to express their outrage and disapproval for the new Lady Gaga "Born This Way" and Mother Monster video campaign.

During a high impact number which referred to tabloid crazy celebrities and their publicity stunts, Ms. Luna pulled out the sign which read "Born This Way?" "Don't be a drag" ...Oh really? Ms. Luna flipped the sign to have it read "Lady Gaga... why?" Then in a fit of rage and anger, Miss Luna, Detox Icunt and Raquel Redd ripped the placard in pieces, much like Sinead O'Connor ripped up the Pope's photograph on "Saturday Night Live" many years ago.

The room began to scream with thunderous applause, hoots and hollers. In response to the anti-Gaga demonstration, a very small chorus of Lady Gaga die-hard fans shouted out that they "still love" their pop star. The crowd lambasted them verbally, as they were clearly a minority.

Gaga :: just a Madonna wannabe?

The drag queens kept on with their routine shouting out to the audience how they are no longer fans of Stefani Germanotta, while making several references to Gaga’s recent blatant missteps and marketing ploys.

While the current Gaga "Born This Way" campaign may resonate with some, it is creating a divide. Some of the comments that were shouted out by even audience members were:

"Gaga’s nothing but a Madonna wannabe."

"Gaga insults the Asian population. We’re not Orientals!"

"Who does she think she is calling herself Mama Monster?"

"She’s lost her mind and she’s lost me as a fan!"

"Go back to hell with your fake horns bi*ch!"

The rants kept flowing from the drag queens and the audience almost creating pandemonium and hysteria. The crowd flooded the drag queens with cameras and smartphones after the number to take photos because it was so surreal.

Detox Icunt, now famous for her appearance in Rihanna’s "S&M" video, began spitting on the Lady Gaga sign as she express her disgust and posed for photos.

Then DJ Hollywood Giant began to spin the brand new Madonna remix of "Into the Groove" by F. Physical and the room leaped to their feet and began applauding, screaming and dancing to the beat.

Has Gaga overstepped herself? Can Gaga regain her stronghold?

Click here to read EDGE’s assessment of Gaga’s "Born This Way" video.


  • BB, 2011-03-03 20:30:55

    Well a month ago, little Stephani was a great hero to the homosexual left. Now, she’s a paragon of evil. You can NEVER satisfy queens - so why bother. Ignore the bitches. Life is too short.

  • , 2011-03-03 23:51:07

    I agree with these queens...I don’t like being told that I must bow down to Lady Gaga for what she does. Who cares what she does? She doesn’t pay my bills. She could care less. She is only doing this for the money. Her Target deal was all about her...and doing damage control on the gay issue second. I am not fooled for a minute. Sad that so many can’t see through her publicity machine and her crappy music.

  • , 2011-03-04 00:07:12

    Here we have someone trying to fight for our rights. She is an ally. Why then are some gay men trying to tear her down? As a gay man I personally am thankful for all our friends and supporters, especially those in the public eye who can get a point across. Let’s not beat our friends up. There’s enough of that without adding more.

  • , 2011-03-04 04:34:33

    This is nothing new. There have always been people that like to build people up only to tear them down. It says more about the people that do that than Lady Gaga. I have never been one for the hype in the first place...but the opposite is just as ridiculous. I do appreciate her support for equality and justice. I enjoy seeing the creativity that she and her team come up with. And, I’m looking forward to seeing what she comes up with next.

  • , 2011-03-04 16:40:21

    They must be super bored to do something so lame! Get a life

  • , 2011-04-04 07:14:25

    Lady Gaga does IMMENSE things for the gay community and these cunts talk trash about her? they obviously are high school drop outs being as they grasped no meaning from the song born this way. and they judge her for taking inspiration from madonna, how many people have they taken inspiration from? and publicity stunts they speak of as well, then what exactly do they call what they did? pathetic excuses of voices in the gay community and when we do get full equality ill be glad to have supported someone who really contributed to it, LADY GAGA, not these hacks AND i know personally Detox Icunt does a number either to a song written by someone else or by her called "Faggots" and its very derogatory. but you criticize Gaga for using oriental and trying to empower people who are degraded. these drags are hypocritical bitches and someone complaining she doesnt pay your bills? thats a great reason not to like her. get educated and then maybe it would be tacit as to why its FUCKED UP to degrade a huge gay advocate

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