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96 Hours

by Emelina Minero
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday Dec 22, 2011
96 Hours

"96 Hours" by Georgia Beers had me from, 'hello'. "96 Hours," a 208-page story line that spans 4 days, is a book that toys and pulls with your emotions. You will laugh at the idiosyncrasies of each character and giggle like a schoolgirl as you remember the beginning stages of wooing and being wooed. Your breath will slip from your lips and your throat will tighten as the horrors of 9/11 reawaken in your memory, and images of people jumping from buildings, crashing in planes and family members roaming the streets of New York for loved ones flash before you like a filmstrip.

Where were you and who were you with when you found out that the planes had crashed into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center? "96 Hours" answers this question for the 6,000 plus travelers who were flying into the United States on 9/11 and were re-routed and held in Gander, Canada for 3 days.

The story is told through the perspective of four strangers brought together by the kindness of a local couple while stranded in Gander: Erica Ryan, an uptight, voluptuous, blue eyed redhead in her early 30s; Abby Hayes, a tall, messy-haired brunette with an athletic build, charismatic charm and killer smile in her late 20s; Brian Caldwell, a green eyed, sandy-haired 30 year old with a broken heart; and Michael Carr, a white-haired, warm hearted British man in his 50s.
"96 Hours" is a page-turner that you can easily finish in one to two sittings. It is a riveting story rich with detail, raw human emotion and it paints the human experience with such authenticity. From page one you are brought inside the head of the characters so seamlessly that you see the world through their eyes, connecting and relating to their emotions, thoughts and experiences. Similar to Alice Sebold's "The Lovely Bones," Beers captures human emotion spot on.

The main thread follows Erica and Abbey and how two polar opposite individuals come together in trying times, both emotionally and sexually; and how the horrors of 9/11 and the kindness of the Gander community affected them and resulted in their individual transformations. Their experience acts as a microcosm of all of the Plane People's experience: discovering such selflessness, kindness and good in humanity, while being a victim to such evil - it was life changing. Their experience changed their outlook on life and changed how they would choose to proceed living life thereafter.

"96 Hours" is heart breaking, uplifting, engaging, romantic and real. It is a reminder of the power that comes from connection and opening yourself up to others. It is a love story not only between two women, but between varying cultures and more poignantly, with one's self.

96 Hours
Georgia Beers
Bywater Books, 2011

Emelina Minero writes for Curve Magazine. She also runs two online communities: Community Bucket List, which helps people to achieve their goals and live their passions and the Love Warrior Community, which helps people to cultivate self-love and body acceptance.


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