What If They Lived?

by Bill Biss
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Mar 29, 2011
What If They Lived?

From the very first flickers in a nickelodeon to the Imax experiences of today, Hollywood has a history of triumphs and heartbreaks for those who work in the industry. Stardom for many is the ultimate goal and through the years, attaining that recognition is largely based on public opinion, the right casting, the ability to act and that intriguing facet of star quality.

Marilyn Monroe said something to the effect, "I'm fighting for the rights of the last earthborn stars...all we demanded was our right to twinkle." A look back at those Hollywood stars that glimmered, glowed, burned red hot or just learned to shine is presented in Phil Hall and Rory Leighton Aronsky's book called What If They Lived? Hollywood's Lost Stars and the Futures They Never Had.

The book is presented in 48 chapters and each chapter encompasses an introduction to a performer, a synopsis of their life and career and in closing, offers a "what if" scenario, which is based on future projects never achieved, their health at the time of death and the current state of show business and how they would have been able to continue working in one aspect of other of filmmaking, television or theatre. The book is best summed up in its intent by the two authors in the introduction, "If anything, this book should be used as a starting point of a debate on what could have become of these amazing talents-think of it as an opening sentence, not the last word. Ultimately, the book should be used to cherish the memories that remain of those who are no longer with us."

There is a definite quality of respect and a realistic approach to What If They Lived? There are many performers who have simply not stood the test of time in memory of their work or life in Hollywood. Realizing the magnitude of the passing of time looking back on cinema's history is also an important aspect. The book is for film aficionados or simply, fans who also have thought "what if?" in regards to James Dean, Sharon Tate, Carole Lombard, Divine or Heath Ledger and other twinkling stars who fell to earth too soon - a great coffee-table book to pick up from time to time, swallowing chapters in small bites over time.

What If They Lived? Hollywood's Lost Stars and the Futures They Never Had
By Phil Hall and Rory Leighton Aronsky
BearManor Media
March 16
ISBN :: 1593936206


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