My Uncle’s Wedding

by Christopher Verleger
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Wednesday Apr 6, 2011
My Uncle’s Wedding

An adorable, freckle-faced boy named Andy shares his excitement for his Uncle Mike's forthcoming marriage to his partner, Steve, in the delightful children's book, My Uncle's Wedding.

Written by Eric Ross and illustrated by Tracy K. Greene, My Uncle's Wedding is not only about same-sex marriage, but rather a lesson for children to help them better understand why people get married and what a wedding ceremony entails. The fact that the engaged couple is two men is merely incidental and not germane to the story.

When Uncle Mike and Steve announce their engagement, Andy doesn't understand what they mean when they say they are "getting married." The couple explains to their nephew that a wedding is a celebration of love and two people get married because they love each other.

Andy is more interested in the details of the celebration, because like any youngster, he understands that means there will be a party. He offers to help them plan the event, which includes selecting flowers, suggesting menu items and tasting cakes.

The boy is all too eager to share his opinion, as well as his apparent enthusiasm for the upcoming nuptials. The events leading up to Uncle Mike and Steve's wedding and the activities on that special day prove to be unforgettable for him.

While the book is certainly educational and especially pertinent to current events, My Uncle's Wedding is primarily an amusing, entertaining story for young children. Nevertheless, Ross and Greene have helped pave the way for children's books that are likely to follow on this timely and important topic.

My Uncle’s Wedding
ISBN :: 1456531034

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