Add EDGE news to your website!

Introducing EDGE Wire - the next generation gay & lesbian news ticker for your personal website. It's fully customizable, totally FREE and updated automatically each time a hot new story launches to the EDGE network.

Flexible options

You'll have the ability to launch a variety of stories - from News to Entertainment to Style to Nightlife happenings - in your local town, or across the country. Choose which cities have the greatest affinity to your online audience, pick how many stories you'd like, a select whether you'd like to show just a headline (example to the left) or full synopses of articles.

You can also change the "skin" of our wire feed by choosing your own template - pick the color that works with your existing design.

Launch in sixty seconds

Yup, we timed it. Choose your options, then place one line of javascript in your website's HTML code. Change your options anytime you wish - and never have to alter the code on your site.

Get Yours!

To sign up for yours, just click the button below. You'll be prompted to enter a username and password (or to login, if you already have an account with EDGE), and then directed to the EDGE Wire signup screen:

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