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Exercise Your Way to an Exciting Sex Life!

by Adam Winter
Saturday Mar 15, 2014

Regular exercise can produce phenomenal results regarding hormone levels in the human body and in turn can assist in boosting libido. When performing the right exercise routine on a regular basis you will ultimately feel sexier, be more confident, along with having a ravishing sex drive.

There are several scientific studies that have shown that exercise causes both psychological and physiological results in both men and women's sex lives. For men, exercise helps to raise testosterone levels, increase blood flow, which in turn allows them to enjoy a more robust sex drive. Equally, women achieve as many benefits from exercise, such as feeling stronger and sexier. Individuals who exercise regularly become aroused more quickly; have greater stamina along with the ability to have more intense orgasms.

A Potent Sex Cocktail
Testosterone, progesterone, endorphins and adrenaline! Exercise raises all four of these key sex hormones. Perform one step per month from these listed below. See which one best increases how you feel and what impact it has on your sex life. After trying all three steps individually, I recommend integrating all of them throughout the week in an ongoing, forward-moving basis. This style of train- ing can provide just the boost your sex life needs!


STEP 1: Build Stamina
Incorporate a rigorous strength and endurance exercise routine that lasts at least one hour and perform it three times per week. A mixture of free weights and resistance machines that target the entire muscular system is the best way to achieve results, thus increasing stamina and your body's ability to thrive in everyday life, as well as in bed. In addition to higher levels of testosterone, long workouts at moderate to high levels release chemicals known as endorphins and adrenaline, which create feelings of pleasure and well-being. This release of endorphins has been shown to increase sexual arousal or even orgasm in both men and women. Endorphins also reduce stress, which is a major sex drive inhibitor.

STEP 2: Maximize Production of Hormones
Integrate high-intensity exercise training into your workouts. Using a variety of movements mixed with high intensity interval training is a sure way to boost hormones. When the human body is put under exercise stress for a period of 20 to 40 seconds, with a short designated rest period (two minutes or until the heart rate drops), this causes the body's production of human growth hormones to increase, with the added benefit of developing better cardiovascular health. The better the blood flow through your heart, the stronger the circulation will be to the genitals. Again, men and women will just feel better overall with regular high intensity interval training.

STEP 3: Stretching and Breathing
Stress, which we all experience to varying degrees, causes elevated levels of cortisol and exhausts the body and the brain. Physical activity releases endorphins, the feel-good chemicals that help counteract cortisol levels and generate an overall feeling of relaxation and well-being.

Endorphins are oh-so important for relaxation and helping to increase sexual desire. If our mind is crowded with stress and anxiety, it is very difficult for us to switch into a more erotic mind-set. Give yoga a try. Yoga promotes endorphin production through the mind-body connection and allows us to feel more tuned in to our bodies through stretching and deep breathing. It teaches us how to relax and achieve a sense of calm. When we are calm and relaxed, we are more likely to be in the mood for love!

CAUTION: Too Much Exercise Can Have the Opposite Effect!
One word of caution: Excessive exercise can have the opposite effect on your sex drive. Cardio workouts, strength training workouts or endurance training that is too intense can actually deplete the body of sex hormones if done excessively.

I highly recommend consulting with a seasoned, professional personal trainer such as myself to develop a customized exercise program that can improve your overall health, wellbeing and give you that extra boost in your sex life.

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