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Caitlyn Jenner Finds Her True Self :: How You Can, Too

by P.D. Alleva
Sunday Aug 16, 2015

These days, our televisions, magazines and social media have been saturated with Caitlyn Jenner's transformation, a truly historic moment for the human race.

As is always the result with such a change, the opinion poll has been swamped with calls for action, either for or against this transformation. Some of us praise Caitlyn for her conviction and courage through this process, while others scoff at the transformation. Whatever the opinion, it can't be ignored that Caitlyn has never seemed more at ease and comfortable in her own skin.

If greatness is the ability to recognize beauty in the moment it is formed, than we are witnessing a truly great moment in the history of the human race. The moment when one person has the courage to truly be themselves, despite the haters and the heavily opinionated who desperately try to impose their will and their opinion onto the human race, without any notion of allowing people to just be themselves. In a world filled with violence, hate and chaos, we all can learn a lesson from Caitlyn's courage to truly be the true self, with love and empathy for all.

But, what is the true self and how do we transform ourselves into who we know we are within? Most transformations begin with a simple awareness, often brought on through pain and an understanding that something is awry, not right, or uncomfortable. That something needs to change in order for the truth to be found.

Too often, this sensation of discomfort is measured against societal norms and values and, if not accepted socially, the person often leads a life adapting to the uncomfortableness, making it a part of themselves in order to remain and feel accepted by others. This often results in an acceptance of the self that is not complete, while our hearts yearn to be free, under the suppression of the mind, most normally out of fear of the unknown and fear of loss.

Human beings are social creatures; it's built into our DNA. We often accept horrible conditions and practices that deter us from understanding who we truly are, in order to not lose those who are closest to us. But, this is a denial of the self, a denial of our heart that no universal law or God wishes for us to live under.

Once any person receives and accepts the awareness that something needs to change, we are then faced with the inevitable choice, to change. Caitlyn made a choice, understanding the reaction and the uproar that would occur. But, having the courage to be herself meant everything, along with the hope that it would be enough for the world to accept her. Awareness and choice are followed by action; the moment that comes nipping at the heels of change, when, we take what we know must change and put it out there into the world.

These are actions that lead to freedom of the heart and it must be said that all change comes with a certain degree of clutter, animosity and fear. But, the results always far outweigh any attempt to not change. To be your true self, means being true to your heart and these actions take courage, conviction, discipline and patience; courage to fight through the haters, conviction to keep going, discipline to take the next step and patience with yourself throughout the process.


1. Awareness that something needs to change.
2. Acceptance of this change.
3. The choice to make the change.
4. Action towards the change.
5. Courage, conviction, discipline, and patience during the"Change Process."

You know in your heart who your true self is... Have the courage to follow your heart.

P.D. Alleva, MSW, is a clinical hypnotherapist, philosopher, spiritual guide and partner of Lifescape Solutions. He is the author of the fictional novel "Indifference" and the philosophical self-help book "Let Your Soul Evolve: Spiritual Growth for the New Millennium." His upcoming books include fiction novels "Celestial Silence" and "A Billion Tiny Moments in Time" and the non-fiction book, "The Zombie Apocalypse." For more information, visit:

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