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Happy Holidays Ya' Filthy Animals

by Kevin Taft
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday Dec 3, 2018
A promotional photo for the LA-based interactive holiday entertainment "Happy Holidays Ya' Filthy Animals," here featuring "A Christmas Story."
A promotional photo for the LA-based interactive holiday entertainment "Happy Holidays Ya' Filthy Animals," here featuring "A Christmas Story."  

A new pop-up event popped up in Hollywood this year and, as expected, it's based on some of your favorite films. The difference? The entire motif is Christmas/Holiday themed.

"Happy Holidays Ya' Filthy Animals" immerses visitors in a winter wonderland of sorts where holiday music rings loud and clear, movie-themed photo booths grace the grounds, and three bars await your festive libation needs. And that's all inside. Outside there is a glass fire pit, faux snow falling every few minutes, and a (Gl)Ice skating rink alongside two food trucks.

The ice skating doesn't involve real ice, but instead consist of synthetic ice panels that serve as the makeshift ice. Skates are like old school roller blade boots making for a strange, clunky, but interesting experience. It's not as smooth as regular skating, but it's certainly less threatening.

Drinks are themed and include "Look What You Did Ya Little Jerk," a vodka infused hot chocolate drink; the "Bad Santa," a delicious Tequila and apple cider infused cocktail; "Be Sure to Drink Your Ovaltine" made with, you guessed it, Ovaltine; and the "Filthy Animal" which has egg nog and fireball rum.

The themed photo booths were cute, with the "A Christmas Story" set being the most fun. Guests are able to put on Ralphie's rabbit pajamas, don his cracked glasses, and hold the BB Gun that'll "shoot yer eye out" all while the infamous leg lamp shines brightly in the background.

The "Home Alone" set was a little less obvious, but guests could don the bald cap, winter hat of our favorite villains and stalk whoever you deem to be your group's Kevin as he relaxes on the living room couch. The last was a "Bad Santa" themed set that really could have been any old Santa throne, but it was fun nonetheless.

There were nice details throughout these rooms like the displays of soap near the "A Christmas Story" room and paint cans and a "French lady" mannequin harkening back to classic moments from "Home Alone." It was surprising that "Gremlins" and "Die Hard" didn't make appearances as those are two other very popular "adult" Christmas films.

The site states that admission includes entry to a "Winter Wonderland" and a tree farm, neither of which we found. So either they aren't open yet or there wasn't a clear indication as to where these two areas were. This might be why we received two coin tokens for drinks instead of the one advertised as being a part of your admission ticket.

At $40, the price is a bit steep if you only get one drink and when we were there (it was early) there weren't a lot of people at all. That said, there was still something festive and enjoyable about the event. The staff was very friendly and, to be fair, it was the second day so perhaps they hadn't worked out all the kinks yet.

As a night stop for you and your friends, it's a festive change from the usual Hollywood nightclub scene. I suspect if this becomes a yearly event, it will only get more and more elaborate as it becomes more popular. Time will tell, but it's a good beginning and it certainly put me and my guest in the Christmas spirit.

For more information and tickets visit www.happyholidayshollywood.com

Kevin Taft is a screenwriter/critic living in Los Angeles with an unnatural attachment to 'Star Wars' and the desire to be adopted by Steven Spielberg.


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