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Hedwig's Back. John Cameron Mitchell Announces 'The Origin of Love Tour'

Wednesday Oct 10, 2018

John Cameron Mitchell, the double Tony Award winning, Golden Globe-nominated co-creator of "Hedwig & the Angry Inch," will bring his big, brash and bold rock spectacle to the US for the first time. For four exclusive engagements, Mitchell and his four-piece band will perform songs from his groundbreaking rock musical and share stories from 20 years of Hedwig.

The dates of the "The Origin of Love Tour: The Songs and Stories of Hedwig" are:

Feb 8 Washington, DC National Theater; Feb 22 Chicago, IL Athenaeum Theater; March 2 Boston, MA Shubert Theater; June 28-29 New York, NY Town Hall (w/ Stephen Trask).

Tickets are on sale now. Due to demand, a second show has been added June 29 at Town Hall in New York City (June 28 is sold out).

Mitchell will also preview songs from his upcoming 'musical podcast' "Anthem: Homunculus" ("little man" in Latin), a 10-episode series with over 30 new songs, starring himself, Glenn Close, Patti Lupone, Cynthia Erivo, Denis O'Hare, Laurie Anderson, and Marion Cotillard. Read more about it at Vanity Fair.

"It's been very rejuvenating to be reliving the 25-year history of 'Hedwig' and its creation with Stephen Trask," says Mitchell. "These shows were born from necessity, to help pay down my Mom's health care, but have ended up as a glorious re-bonding with our fans and a celebration of how Hedwig has changed all our lives."

"...the central message of 'Hedwig' is never lost," says KQED, following a recent performance in San Francisco. "The clarion call to 'the misfits and the losers' to 'lift up your hands' and become whole may sound simplistic on paper. But in a room full of friends and strangers, hands lifted in communal celebration, a pulsing wave of music and light washing over the crowd as Hedwig relinquishes the stage to the long-suffering Yitzhak—dressed to kill in scarlet ruffles and a brunette bouffant—it is the only truth that makes sense in the moment."

So put on some make-up, turn up the eight-track and pull the wig down from the shelf — for a night of post-punk, neo-glam rock — a collective quest for love, hope and identity.

"The Origin of Love Tour" is produced in association with ArKtype / Thomas O. Kriegsmann.


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