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Today on 'Megyn Kelly Today': Shampoo, Dogs, Hats & Bad Ratings

Wednesday Oct 11, 2017
Megyn Kelly on "Megyn Kelly Today" with Jeff Rossen.
Megyn Kelly on "Megyn Kelly Today" with Jeff Rossen.  (Source:You Tube Still via NBC)

It was a wild day on "Megyn Kelly Today."

After her usual segment of dragging disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, Megyn Kelly invited Jeff Rossen to discuss his new book and the "pink tax." He revealed that women pay more money for shampoo and other products "than their male counterparts."

Jeff then tackled expensive coffee, explaining people buy expensive coffee because of "marketing." Then, Megyn and two audience members, did a blind taste test to see if they like expensive coffee or $1 deli coffee. Of course, all three picked the cheap coffee!

Next, Megyn introduced the show's human interest story of the day: Eric O'Grey, who lost a lot of weight with the help of his rescue dog, Petey. Megyn said at least twice during the segment and interview that Petey "was the one who rescued" Eric."

Unfortunately, Petey died and Eric appeared on the show with his new dog Jake. As the interview was ending, Megyn accidentally called Jake Petey. Oops!

In another embarrassing interview, Megyn spoke with Rob Jones, a veteran with two prosthetic legs who plans to run 31 marathons in 31 days. She spoke with him via satellite but their connection wasn't working. Megyn had to ask Rob if what he's doing is "safe" a few times, making their interview extremely awkward.

The last segment of the day was another human interest story. Megyn spoke with Georgiette Morgan-Thomas, owner of American Hats. Morgan-Thomas talked about providing jobs and Megyn praised that the hats are "all made in America!"

At the end of "Megyn Kelly Today," Megyn gave an audience member a special gift: 60 seconds of "social media time" with Kathy Lee and Hoda!

Though the episode ended on a good note, Page Six reports ratings for "Megny Kelly Today" are so bad that the former Fox News reporter is now dragging down the entire "Today" show franchise.

"Not only are ratings plummeting since Megyn Kelly joined the 'Today' franchise, but the numbers show Kelly's lead-in has also affected Kathie Lee [Gifford] and Hoda Kotb's show, which follows straight afterwards," a source told the newspaper. "They've taken a huge hit with Megyn as their lead-in."

Page Six reports Kelly's hour of "Today" is down 32% compared to 2016. Kathy Lee and Hoda's show is down 26% compared to last year.

"Too many people are tuning out NBC. Hoda and Kathie Lee had been a bright spot in the mornings. People are alarmed," the source told the newspaper. Another source claimed the "Today" talent is worried.

"The format for Megyn's show doesn't make sense. Her show distracts from the 'Today' franchise," the second source said.

A source from NBC told Page Six, however, offered some hope for Megyn.

"Megyn posted her highest ratings yet in the 'key demographic' on Monday, and she had her biggest total viewer number since the premiere," they said. "Everyone knows that ratings fluctuate at the start of a new show, and there has been nothing but support for Megyn from all of the 'Today' show hosts. They have each taken her out to lunch - Kathie Lee just took her to lunch today."

Watch Megyn's segement with Jeff Rossen below.

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Today on Megyn Kelly Today

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