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The Internet Has a lot of Feelings About 'Queer Eye' Star Antoni Porowski

Thursday Feb 22, 2018

The rebooted "Queer Eye" series debuted on Netflix three weeks ago and seems to be a hit with audiences. We'll never really know since the streaming service is notorious for keeping its ratings under lock and key. But judging from the number of articles written about the show, and the mark it's made on social media like on Twitter, "Queer Eye" is definitely being talked about, which is very valuable in today's fragmented TV landscape.

It also looks like that Fab Five member to get the most attention is Antoni Porowski, the group's food and wine guy. According to Cosmopolitan magazine, before joining the show he worked as a general manager and food consultant in New York. Porowski is also an actor, appearing on shows like "The Pretenders," "Love Elliott" and an episode of "Blacklist." The publication also notes he's friends with Ted Allen, the food and wine guy from the original Fab Five.

But the hunky cook has drawn criticism online and has divided the queer community. The website Junkee published an article called "Investigation: Does The Incredibly Hot Food Guy From 'Queer Eye' Even Know How To Cook?" The article's author Patrick Lenton writes, "...it kinda seems like Antoni only knows how to eat avocados."

Lenton goes on to point to the foods Porowski taught the men being made over in "Queer Eye," which includes "a simple guacamole, that literally involves smashing an avocado with salt and lemon."

"...in our next episode, Antoni teaches a hirsute gentleman how to make toasted cheese sandwiches," Lenton writes. "Admittedly, they are fancy toasted cheese sandwiches - expensive cheese, cured hams, mayonnaise - but it's still not exactly cooking, you know? It's just a sandwich.

"From here on, you can't help but notice a pattern. For a bunch of firefighters, he makes hot dogs," he adds. "For a Trump-voting cop, he literally places cut avocado next to slices of cut grapefruit and pretends it's a salad."

After pointing to Porowski's Instagram, where he shares photos of foods that are not actually cooked (like a cheese and crackers spread), Lenton concludes, "...it doesn't matter if Antoni can't cook. The men on the show who can't even put on a pair of pants without getting divorced are certainly benefitting from his help.... Perhaps that's what has happened to him his entire life - maybe everyone has been too thirsty for Antoni Porowski to ever tell him that he doesn't know how to cook. But we're okay with that."

Not long after the Junkee published the story questioning his cooking skilling, Porowski took to Instagram, and though he didn't directly acknowledge the article, shared a pic of a meal that was cooked. He wrote in the caption that he decided to share the pic of haricots verts aux amandes, which were featured in an episode of "Queer Eye," because "not a single person has asked about them (more ppl seem intrigued by guac," adding a thinking emoji.

Click here to read the full Junkee article.

Lenton isn't the only person questioning Porowski. Vulture also published a piece Wednesday about the "Queer Eye" star, called "Queer Eye on 'Queer Eye': The Case For and Against Antoni Porowski," in which "Las Culturistas" podcast hosts Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang debate Porowski and his role on the show. The article opens up with the following introduction:

"...[Porowski] has struck quite a chord among viewers. To say that public opinion is polarizing is a bit of an understatement; he has nearly as many harsh critics as followers attempting to slip into his (closed, sorry) DMs. His fans are adamant that he stylishly strikes the exact right tone as a culinary expert (and check out those arms!), while detractors claim his skills as a chef fall somewhere between a college coed and a checked-out Rachael Ray."

In the piece, Yang says he and Bowen are "diametrically opposed on the single issue threatening to destroy the queer community. I never thought that issue would be Antoni, but I did always suspect that grapefruit and avocado would have something to do with it."

Click here to read the full Vulture story.

Elsewhere, Queerty published a story looking into Porowski's personal life with a story called, "Does Antoni from "Queer Eye" have a boyfriend twin? An investigation." Here, the site points to the physical similarities between the handsome foodie and his equally attractive partner.

Of course, Twitter is full of opinions on Porowski. Find some of them below.


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