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VEEP - The Complete Sixth Season

by Louise Adams
Thursday Sep 14, 2017
VEEP - The Complete Sixth Season

Julia Louis-Dreyfus sports longer hair and even longer staying power as a political operator in the even more pointed, multi-Emmy-nominated ten episodes of "VEEP: The Complete Sixth Season."

Former President Selina Meyer and her scattered acolytes -- bald Representative Jonah Ryan, struggling super-bronzed CBS Morning co-anchor Dan, gubernatorial fiancé and manager Amy, harried dad Mike (who keeps trying to buttonhole the former VEEP to facilitate her memoir), and ubiquitous Ben attempting to fit in at Uber (the place "for people who are too lazy to drive drunk") -- are the road again, after "the American people and Congress rejected" the short-term president, this time to Omaha to test the political waters, then to Smith College to try to secure a location for her presidential library and whatever special interests (literacy, AIDS, what not) will pay for it.

She's also looking at "every Tom, Dick and Gehry" to select an architect.

Daughter Amy has control of grandma's wealth (and is hoping to have a baby with her Secret Service girlfriend, looking for a sperm donor, a "crème filling in this gay éclair"), so Selina has to work out of sketchy Bronx offices and fly coach. (She also constantly corrects folks that her institutional commitment was a "spa visit.")

The team also jets to monitor elections in the Republic of Georgia, where folks get swept up in voting, in suffocating girlfriends, in congressional hazing, and in naked, literally ugly, corruption from candidate Nikolai (Stephen Fry). They also hit Qatar.

Selina flirts with a Supreme Court justice nomination, as well as her own mortality alongside body man Gary, and gets cuckolded during her presidential portrait painting,

Blu-ray extras are seven audio commentaries from Louis-Dreyfus, Tony Hale, Reid Scott, Matt Walsh, Timothy Simons and show runner David Mandel.

The seventh, and sadly final, season will run in 2018.

"VEEP: The Complete Sixth Season"
Blu-ray set

Louise Adams is a Chicago freelance writer at www.treefalls.com (and a nom de guerre).


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