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PopUps: Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper are Planning an 'Unorthodox' Oscars Performance of 'Shallow'

Wednesday Nov 14, 2018
Lady Gaga, left, and Bradley Cooper in a scene from "A Star is Born."
Lady Gaga, left, and Bradley Cooper in a scene from "A Star is Born."  (Source:Clay Enos/Warner Bros. Pictures via AP)

Are Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper going to take the Oscars off the deep end?

In a cover story with Variety, the duo revealed that Gaga and her "A Star is Born" co-star Bradley Cooper, who also directed the remake, are planning an "unorthodox" performance of "Shallow," the lead song from the movie.

When asked if she'll consider singing the duet at the 91st Academy Awards next year, Gaga said, "One hundred percent." Cooper said they've already talked about what the performance would look like if "Shallow" gets nominated for Best Original Song.

"We talked about that actually, because I'm such a maniac," Cooper told Variety. "I started texting [Gaga] the whole pitch of how we should do it. So we'll see. There might be a cool, unorthodox way we could perform it."

Gaga added: "We are living in a time where there's so much conversation about women's voices being heard [and] men listening to those voices...And also, men not listening to those voices. Women being silenced in very public ways, like Dr. [Christine Blasey] Ford with Justice [Brett] Kavanaugh. Judge Kavanaugh being appointed is basically like telling every single woman in the country that's been assaulted, 'We don't care. Or we don't believe you."

She also called "Shallow" an open dialogue between genders.

"To me, that conversation is what makes the song successful and beautiful and why people cry when they hear it," Gaga added. "It's because that man and woman connect, and they are listening to each other."

Click here to read the full Variety cover story.

"Shallow" peaked at no. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The "A Star is Born" soundtrack debuted at no. 1 on the Billboard 200.

Watch the music video for "Shallow" below.


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