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by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday Jul 17, 2017

Arrow Video continues its semi-obsession with Japanese cinema and releases one of the best atmospheric horror films of the 2000's. "Pulse" features an ominous tone and sense of dread that's extremely necessary to pull off a successful horror genre movie. It was part of a plethora of films that became "J-Horror," Japanese movies featuring vengeful ghosts and otherworldly spirits.

Award-winning filmmaker Kiyoshi Kurosawa brilliantly brings to life the public's fear of the Internet and "Pulse" came out in 2001, right when the popularity of the Web was at its peak. The story concerns a group of young people in Tokyo who get sucked into a frightening website that asks "do you want to see a ghost?"

A series of suicides of their friends leads a group of strangers to band together to discover the truth behind the mysterious website.

The apocalyptic tone of "Pulse" singles it out as one of the more original and terrifying films of the "J-Horror" genre. The movie has been released before in home video formats. But Arrow Video includes three new featurettes for the first time on its Blu-ray/DVD Special Edition:

"Broken Circuits" - director Kiyoshi Kurosawa sits down for a brand new interview

"Creepy Images" - interviews cinematographer Junichiro Hayashi

"The Horror of Isolation" - a brand new appreciation by fans Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett

Roughly six other archival featurettes round out Arrow's "Pulse" Blu-ray and one that's well worth the money to buy.


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