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After Being Christened a Gay Icon, 'The Babadook' Returns to Theaters for LGBT Causes

Monday Jun 19, 2017

After the Internet rushed to dub the evil entity at the center of the 2014 indie horror flick "The Babadook" a gay icon, it was recently announced the film will return to theaters this month to raise funds for LGBT causes, according to The Wrap.

Officials from the Los Angeles art house Arena Cinelounge announced Sunday the theater will screen "The Babadook" for five days (June 23-27) and that a portion of the proceeds will be donated to "LGBTQ awareness" groups.

According to the Arena Cinelounge's website, the theater will also host a discussion called "Babashook: From Monster to Cultural Icon," encouraging fans to come dressed as Babadook cosplay.

The shadowy, top hat-wearing demon with long fingernails became a viral, social media sensation late last year and earlier this year. After a Tumblr user noticed "The Babadook," directed by Jennifer Kent, appeared under Netflix's LGBT film section, social media users were quick to hail the creature an LGBT icon. The meme became so popular that a number of people dressed up as the Babadook during Pride events around the country this year.


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