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Watch: 'Midsommar' Star Jack Reynor Talks About Full-Frontal Nudity Scene

Monday Jul 8, 2019
Jack Reynor in "Midsommar"
Jack Reynor in "Midsommar"  (Source:YouTube)

The new horror film "Midsommar" will be remembered for a lot of intense and freaky moments but one of the film's stars is opening up about filming a full-frontal nude scene.

In a new interview with The Wrap, actor Jack Reynor, 27, said he wasn't nervous about exposing himself in the film directed by Ari Aster. He explained he was excited to film the scene and challenge the horror trope where naked women are often the focus of abuse.

In "Midsommar," Reynor plays Josh, boyfriend to Dani (Florence Pugh). After a devastating tragedy in Dani's life, the couple, along with Josh's college pals, travel to a remote and secluded village in Sweden for a rare festival. The vacation eventually goes south and the group finds themselves in a nightmare.

"There are so many films in the history of cinema, particularly in the horror genre — I watch a lot of this stuff, and I notice there's a pervasive culture of really difficult and humiliating and expositional scenes of murder and sexual violence towards women and you don't really see that kind of stuff in films where it happens to men," he said. "... I think it's an interesting kind of flipping on its head of this is a male character suffering through a very kind of humiliating sequence of his fate.

"And it's very expositional... and that's why I wanted to make sure there was as much full frontal as we could go for," Reynor added.

Elsewhere in the interview with The Wrap, Reynor praised Aster comparing "Midsommar" to a movie from the 70s, adding that he was looking at the film "as an opportunity to do challenging things that I otherwise might not be able to do in my career, unless maybe I got into porn."

Watch part of his interview below.


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