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'Et Tu, Dumb Dumb?'; Michele Bachmann Blames DC Area Shooting on Shakespeare Play

Friday Jun 16, 2017

A recent comment made by former US Rep Michele Bachmann in the wake of the DC area shooting that injured several GOP members of Congress, proves the theory that (up until recently) she thought "Julius Caesar" was nothing more than a good vegetarian option.

Speaking with far right wing online fear-machine World Net Daily after this week's shooting at congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia, Bachmann blamed the Trump resistance movement and took particular aim at the New York Shakespeare Festival's highly publicized production of "Julius Caesar," which she referred to as "The Trump assassination play."

"The Trump assassination play in New York's Central Park should close," she told WND.

The current production of Julius Caesar that is playing in New York City's Central Park this summer, takes the titular role of history's doomed emperor (a populist figure who sought to have his personal power eclipse the Roman Senate) and casts it as a Donald Trump-like figure complete with cotton candy-like blonde hair with orange highlights.

The production has drawn fire from the right, causing New York Shakespeare Festival sponsors Bank of America and Delta Airlines to withdraw funding from the popular free-to-the-public summer offering. Now Bachmann is going after American Express, which refused to pull their dollars from the beloved New York institution.

"Defiant play sponsor American Express should offer an apology and state they will no longer back plays that advocate violence and assassination plots against political figures," she told WND.

Adding ironic fuel to Bachmann's inextinguishable duh inferno is the fact that she remained silent (or more realistically ignorant) of a similar production of "Julius Caesar" featuring an Obama-like figure in the title role. That production, mounted in 2012, played at Minneapolis' Guthrie Theater, located 25 miles away from Bachmann's home in Stillwater, MN.


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