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Saldare Spa

No. 12 Clarendon St.
Boston Massachusetts 02116



Saldare celebrates your whole person. Personal training, massage therapy, nutrition, and overall wellness: whatever the reason you have walked through our doors, we see YOU. That's why our space is friendly, warm, welcoming and supportive of your whole-person. We are a collection of experts practicing our crafts collectively under one roof. We share an abiding passion for helping you reach your health and fitness goals in a way that feels organic, joyful and in-line with the rest of your life.

Personal Training: Quite simply, we house Boston's best personal trainers, each certified and experience in inspiring, motivating and helping you find the focus you need to transform your body and your health.

Massage Therapy: Our approach to Massage is experience, diverse and therapeutic. From Swedish Massage to deep tissue and sports massage, we offer a wide variety of approaches that will leave you moving and feeling better, while seriously reducing stress.

Nutrition: We all know proper nutrition is essential for achieving and maintaining optimal health. Besides simply "eating clean," it's not always clear the optimal way to fuel your life. That's why working with a nutritional coach can change your life, and transform your health.

Private Yoga: Explore an intelligent, personalized approach to yoga with gifted, compassionate and experienced yoga teachers. Our team has over 35 years of collective experience.

Physical Therapy: Are you ready to get out of pain, heal old injuries and new while learning more about your body and its habitual patterns and imbalances? Are you ready to enjoy your favorite activities again?

Direct Primary Care: A different approach to medical practice called Direct Primary Care (DPC), which focuses more on the doctor-patient relationship. DPC allows for quality time with patients, without having to rush through visits or adjust necessary medical therapies based simply on what insurance dictates.