Boston, Massachusetts

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Middle-aged, immigrant to US, from India/Pakistan, living the Boston area. Has few minor medical problems, nothing serious, but needs daily help with them. Large, single-family house, many bedrooms and basement in elegant neighborhood, on a large lot. He is a busy healthcare provider, and works very hard. He is a single man. The housekeeper that worked for 13 years suddenly went back to his home country (Pakistan) for an urgent family issue and may not return. He urgently needs someone who can manage his life and his home. Must be live-in. Person must be well-organized, systematic, keep house, specially kitchen, very clean, capable of multitasking, presentable, groomed, greet guests, take telephone messages accurately and responsibly and must be honest, reliable and dependable. Since he lives alone of the most important requirements is companionship and a good balanced and well-informed conversationalist. He is fond of literature, art, music, theatre, travel and current events. He is not fond of regular American TV but does see documentaries on BBC and PBS. Someone who has a college degree would be preferable. Someone who is stable, balanced, levelheaded, coolheaded and not consumed by politics. Must speak English fluently with clearly, understandably like a local American. If possible, landscaping in the summer, snow shoveling in the winter. Therefore strong and muscular. Ideal age 25-40. No major health problems. Take care of indoor plants (prefer plant-lover). Absolutely no smoking, no alcohol, no drugs of any kind. No loud music. Must take care of homeowner's personal needs such as knee massage and stretching. Knee stiffness due to previous injury. You do not need to be a licensed massage therapist, just capable of giving a good massage. Would prefer total body massage for relaxation, pain relief and to help sleep. Also need eye drops and reminding of medications before breakfast and dinner. He needs an exercise partner. Would prefer someone who works out regularly and is in excellent physical shape. Seeking someone capable of motivating him to exercise. You do not need to be a licensed personal trainer. Just someone who exercises daily and whose body shows that, specially big chest, muscles and bubble butt. Plans to move heavy furniture and redesign house space and storage quarters. Hence someone strong and muscular, capable of heavy lifting and with a strong back. He needs to lose weight. Background in nutrition would be a plus. Cooking skills would be great. The advertiser prefers to eat Indian/Pakistani foods, but eats all cuisines (except pork and alcohol). Must be willing to serve breakfast and dinner and prepare lunch bag. House close to T and buses. Shops, CVS, grocery store and bank. You will be relatively free after 10:00 AM when he leaves home until 7:00 PM when he returns. This allows plenty of time to take care of the house and its needs. The person who could most benefit from this unique opportunity is someone who recently was laid off due to corona and wants to plan a new career. Boston has 39 colleges and universities. Will consider tuition assistance for someone with excellent work performance. Also excellent opportunity for graduate student, postdoctoral research fellows, young faculty at a university, college or school. Writer, artist, journalist or a recently laid-off flight attendant or pilot. Someone who wants to enjoy life, not just live!!! The house has four extra large bedrooms that can be rented, if you are willing to organize it. You get extra income by 25% commission of the rent. There are many collectables, artworks, furniture etc. that could be sold on eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and Let Go. Sell it and keep 20% as your commission. Will provide free room with private bath (local price $1,500) with free utilities (local price $250) all meals are free (local price $500) and cash stipend (pocket money $3,000 negotiable). Total package $5,250. If truly interested, please send names and phone numbers of three references. Will provide airplane ticket and 2-day stay for interview to Boston for candidates on final list. Please send detailed reply with resume and some recent photos to: [email protected]