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GSDA is a style of it's own. By combining many martial art disciplines such as Muay Thai, Muay Chiya Boran, Wing Chun and Krav Maga we've found a way to instruct the students the way they want to train - their way. At GSDA we give you the concept, you create the style is just that - your way. To learn a martial art it can take years and years of training to perfect the different forms. At GSDA we first learn to fight and defend by using the students reflexes or muscle memory and then building from that. We believe that within one month we can teach the student simple yet effective techniques that they will be comfortable to perform. The key word being comfort, being able to effectively protect or exercise effectively to the student's ability. We believe in quality over quantity, what works for the student is what will work in the future. Even if it was subtly changed from tradition - it's still effective - because it works for YOU. Once the student is confident with the techniques they have learned, it's time to perfect it. We specialize in allowing the student to choose what they like - the GSDA style which is a combination of different disciplines effectively designed to focus on the students strengths and weaknesses, or focusing on one specific discipline. We are happy to announce that GSDA is now certified as a martial art by the Wing Chun Association of Zhongshan, China and are considered a 3rd generation disciple of the most famous Grand Master Ip Man. It was tested and proved to be easy to train, as well as an effective defense method by the Zhongshan, China Police Association. We suggest that our students begin in private classes before moving on to the group classes to ensure better one on one instruction by our Chief Instructor, Barry Goldberg. This is to ensure a private opportunity for yourself to understand what your strengths and weaknesses are, and how to work both to your advantage. GSDA was created as a reality based combat, street fighting form, which is a direct, fast, and to the point system. We have the strong belief that once the students understand the concept and theories that they will find their style within themselves. Originally designed and taught in Shanghai, Zhongshan and Zhuhai cities of China, now GSDA is making the move to West Palm Beach, FL. We are beginning to take reservations for private, small group and seminars now for classes beginning July 7th 2014. For questions or to book a free consultation and class, please contact Barry Goldberg, Founder and Chief Instructor of GSDA by: Email: [email protected] Phone: +1 (781) 789-3807 Facebook: