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The Ceiling Fan Reinvented: Sleek, Silent and Sustainable

Wednesday Aug 1, 2012

The ceiling fan has changed forever with the launch of Haiku®. Backed by years of research and development and hundreds of prototypes, Haiku has been confirmed by ENERGY STAR® as the world's most energy-efficient residential ceiling fan.

Haiku boasts a silent motor, top-in-class airflow, sustainable materials, quality craftsmanship and a minimalist design that creates performance art for the ceiling. With eight patents worldwide, Haiku is a true original.

Haiku ceiling fans look different because they are different. The airfoils and central motor blend together in a seamless organic form. The sleek exterior conceals the Sensorless Drive Technology™ that delivers an 80 percent improvement in efficiency over conventional ceiling fan motors, exceeding ENERGY STAR® efficiency requirements by 450 to 750 percent.

Most residential ceiling fans require 90 to 100 watts of electrical power input but Haiku fans run on two to 30 watts. In a typical year Haiku would use about 50 kilowatt-hours, for a total cost of around $5.

Controlled by a thin remote, Haiku features much more than the three basic speeds offered by traditional ceiling fans. Its 10 settings include the exclusive Whoosh™ mode to simulate natural variations in airflow by gently modulating the fan speed, increasing the feeling of coolness by up to 40 percent.

In a typical year Haiku would use about 50 kilowatt-hours, for a total cost of around $5.

Haiku's airfoils feature an aerodynamic profile, resulting in smooth, silent airflow with optimal efficiency. In fact, Haiku produces less than 34 dBA - that's quieter than a deserted library at midnight. These meticulously handcrafted airfoils are made of Moso bamboo - a fast-renewing resource with the tensile strength of steel - or a rigid matrix composite suitable for outdoor use.

Bamboo is known to be a difficult material to shape. There are only two companies in the world that could produce Haiku bamboo airfoils to the strict design standards the product's precise design demanded. Big Ass Fans®, a worldwide leader in high-performance industrial fans and the company behind Haiku, chose to work hand-in-hand with premium U.S. furniture craftsmen to create the exclusive process covering all aspects of airfoil creation, from applying the adhesive and forming the shapes to sanding the finished product. Accuracy and quality are checked at numerous points.

Finally, every Haiku fan is individually balanced at all speeds using extremely sensitive electronic sensors to ensure lasting smooth operation without wobble.

With an industrial heritage and impeccable style, Haiku fans are like the poetic form they are named after, deceptively simple yet requiring years of study and an understanding of natural beauty to get just right.

Haiku fans are ideal for residential use, including bedrooms, living spaces and patios, as well as for hotels, restaurants and other commercial spaces. Haiku Bamboo is available in Caramel or Cocoa; the matrix composite Haiku comes in Black or White.

To order, call 877-326-0590. More information is also available at


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