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WYWoL: Be Unique

Saturday Oct 24, 2015

WYWoL is nothing more than the acronym of Wear Your Way of Life. It was born out of the strength and enthusiasm of a group of guys in Florence, Italy, who are convinced of their generation's potential and value. They look to the future and work together to give life to their dreams, as they are confident that youth should be the bearers of innovative concepts.

Edoardo Francesco Gradi, designer of WYWoL, opened up about the line in a recent interview.

"WYWoL is the way of being and perceiving the world, the expression of our own character and ideas in which we believe...a progressive metamorphosis, a kaleidoscope of ideas, fashion, music, lifestyle, and communication.

"WYWoL is the result of my experiences and the way I see the world. During my recurring trips to London, I was amazed by the myriad of 'styles' present there. I let myself be contaminated by this mix that the city carries within itself.

"On my return I felt the need to recreate this sense of a unique entity formed by different parties, creating a brand that embraces different styles, able to meet the needs of a large customer range-born with the aim of being able to create products on which more people of different lifestyles could reflect, without airs, feeling at ease.

"The need was immediately clear from the beginning to present WYWoL on the market as something 'different'. The ideas came in a natural way, by developing an alternative type of 'remake cloths' and performing techniques that, until then, I had used for my work as a cool hunter of new trends and processing for leather and leather goods.

"The intent was to mix my knowledge, experimenting on the fabric and what I already knew about leather, creating unique and innovative garments at the same time. All of our techniques are performed on the finished garment, without changing its original fit.

"Starting from vintage items, coming from different collection points and treating them with various processing techniques, the final result is a unique product, resulting from the type of processing and the actual intrinsic uniqueness of each piece, which differs from any other, hence increasing its market value.

"Thus was born the first collection #BeUnique - the Exclusive Remade Vintage Collection-a series of vintage pieces 'remade' in a modern look. This collection is the result of the synergy between the past and present. Craftsmanship and experimental processes come together to create unique garments of this kind. Used items return to life with a modern and refined look: a collection of pieces created in limited editions, according to the philosophy of the WYWoL brand.

"In July 2014 our first store was opened in Florence. The shop fully represents our philosophy and consists of blending, quality, and research, where in addition to the garments mentioned above, there are unique pieces, limited editions, and collaborations with other young creatives."

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