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’In-Between Men’ Premieres in NYC

by JC Alvarez
Wednesday Aug 22, 2012

Quincy Morris the creator of the Internet melodrama "In Between Men" couldn't be happier of where he is standing today. The multi-talented writer/producer/creator has come a long way. Alongside his cast and director Jennifer Gelfer, he would never have imagined, had he not realized it for himself, that he'd be celebrating the launch of his web series to iTunes, as well as its release on DVD. To boot...he was able to convince veteran actress and "Queer As Folk's" Michelle Clunie to sign on for the second season that is now in production.

"The call sheets went out today," Morris announced, "I'm very happy that we're underway with season 2." The sexy in the city series follows the growing pains of four friends living "in between" the clichés of the gay world you'd expect the hot quartet to be experiencing navigating the urban jungle of New York City. "We're probably the only drama where four gay characters are the focus," Morris added. "It's good to be among the pioneers." With the changing trends and climate in entertainment demanding that more realistic portrayals of the LGBT community become a part of the landscape, the show endeavors to relate those stories that reflect the diversity in the community.

Sexy in the City

The event appropriately hosted at the posh Norwood Social Club in Chelsea welcomed the show’s lead cast Nick Mathews and Chase Coleman, as well as new member Michelle Clunie. All will be returning to their wild antics in season 2 of "In Between Men." Mathews is at the center of the drama, playing the lead protagonist. "Dalton holds everyone together, and lifts the group up, but at the same time dealing with his own issues." Mathews adds, "What makes the show different is that it doesn’t play up to the gay stereotypes." Coleman plays Dr. Dane Sullivan, "He’s the youngest of the group, and not so lucky in love. He stumbles over himself, but he raises the stakes in season 2."

Michelle Clunie had more to celebrate. Having been written into the show’s first season, her character was such a stand out favorite, she signed on to join the cast for more. Clunie is also preparing for Off-Broadway. "I’ve always wanted to work with Jennifer Gelfer," Clunie said, "and this show has given us that opportunity." Her play "Us" (which Clunie has also written) is also directed by her "In Between Men" director Gelfer, and will be opening at Theater Row on 42nd Street on Saturday, Sept. 9. "It’s been great to be a part of something - so many unique projects," Gelfer said. "It’s great telling these stories."

"In Between Men" is currently in production on Season 2 in New York City. In between you can catch-up on the full season one available on iTunes. The DVD full of bonus features is also available via Amazon. For more go to

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