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Alex Slater plays a hot daddy in new C1R release

Monday Oct 22, 2012

Muscular and sexy, Alex Slater has been modeling since 2010. And he enjoys more than taking his clothes off: some of his off-camera activities include working out, volleyball, track and field, and dabbling in music. Porn aficionados will recognize Alex from his best-known work, in C1R's "Work Loads" where he appeared with megastar, Matthew Rush.

Looking to round out a cast of hot daddies, which already included Mitch Vaughn, Spencer Reed and Adam Russo, Catalina Video decided to use Alex in their new release "Fucked By Our Dads." Catalina Producer Doug Jeffries called up Alex to speak to him about his experiences working on the new film.

Doug Jeffries: So, Alex, you are one of the only performers that turn me on when you come onto set. Why do you think you have such a strong sex appeal?

Alex Slater: I’m always flattered to hear something like that. I think its the dark features, beard, and eyes that set me apart and grab a guy’s attention.

Doug Jeffries: What is your ethnicity?

Alex Slater: French mother and Lebanese father.

Doug Jeffries: Yeah, I see Lebanese all over you. What made you get into adult performing in the first place? You started young, right?

Alex Slater: A part of me always liked the idea of turning guys on and having them fantasize about me. When I turned 24 I had the chance to start doing movies and I decided it was something I wanted to do.

Doug Jeffries: The last movie you did for us was Rascal’s "Workloads" with your scene partner being superstar Matthew Rush. Tell us a little about that.

Alex Slater: I always liked working with Matthew Rush. He’s a great guy and easy to work with on shoots. Personally I found it super easy to get turned on by his awesome body and of course his huge cock. It was a pleasure to film with him.

Doug Jeffries: So you have been away for a bit. What did you think when I called you to come to Florida and work with Chi Chi Larue in the new Catalina movies "Fucked By Our Dads" and "Sniff"?

Alex Slater: The call was crazy to get after almost 3 years of not doing any films. To work with Chi Chi had been a dream of mine, so I jumped at the chance.

Doug Jeffries: Tell me about this experience and how it was different or maybe similar to other porn shoots.

Alex Slater: Working with Chi Chi was amazing. The energy and direction on the shoots made everything super easy and I felt it was my best performance to date.

Doug Jeffries: I just watched "Fucked By Our Dads" and I agree the scene with you and Spencer Reed was crazy hot. So what was it like working with Spencer?

Alex Slater: Spencer is awesome; his talents definitely pleasantly surprised me. And I wish every guy I met had a cock like his!

Doug Jeffries: What do you consider your best attribute? I love your nose, lips and eyes.

Alex Slater: My eyes are definitely my favorite but most guys focus on my ass more than anything else!

Doug Jeffries: Well, thank goodness you’re a bottom. What types of movies would you be interested in doing in the future and what types of guys are you into?

Alex Slater: I’d like a darker role: more bondage, leather, daddies and kink. It’s something I really have not done on film. Off camera, I’m a sucker for thick white muscle boys, hairy or smooth; it does not matter, I just want to jump on them.

Doug Jeffries:We also filmed you for Catalina’s "Sniff" which will be released at the beginning of next year. Tell us a little about that movie and how it was different.

Alex Slater: "Sniff" is exciting because it’s the first step in the direction of what I like. Loved the group action, the daddies and the mix of guys on set. Everyone was great to meet and work with and I loved filming with the hot muscle daddy who worked me over at the end of my scene!

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