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Green Bay Packer’s Quarterback Responds to Gay Rumors

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Thursday Jan 2, 2014

Green Bay Packer's quarterback Aaron Rodgers was the subject of gay Internet rumors earlier this week after a celebrity gossip site claimed an anonymous source told them the football player had recently broken up with his boyfriend/roommate/personal assistant. Now Rodgers is responding to those rumors, saying he is not gay.

As the Huffington Post reports, Rodgers addressed the rumors during the weekly radio show 540 AM ESPN Radio in Wisconsin on Tuesday.

"I'm just going to say I'm not gay," the athlete said. "I really, really like women. That's all I can really say about that."

Though much of the radio show was focused on the recent Packer's win over the Chicago Bears and an upcoming playoff game against the San Francisco 49ers, the conversation briefly turned to the gay rumors, sparked by The Fame Driven's report.

Rodgers said he had grown used to the "crazy rumors" about his sexuality, however.

"There isn't a whole lot of separation from your public and private life," he said. "You always have to be on at times. Occasionally people will get upset if you say 'no' to a picture when you're eating dinner or something. That's kind of the hard part. Or if you get crazy rumors that swirl around you from time to time that are just silly."

The anonymous source allegedly told the Fame Driven that Rodgers recently broke up with Kevin Lanflisi, the football player's roommate and longtime personal assistant. The article posted pointed to several apparently deleted tweets made by Lanflisi and photos. The source also claimed that Rodgers was part of a group of NFL stars that was supposed to come out this summer, but did not.

"Aaron has attended numerous sports award shows with Kevin, always color coordinated and without any double female dates, including the ESPY's," the source told the Fame Driven. "Kevin was also the first person Aaron embraced when the Packers won the Super-bowl in 2011. I just find it really strange that as of late there has been many bitter subliminal tweets on Kevin Lanflisi's twitter alluding to a relationship much deeper than a friendship he had, with who I perceive to be Aaron Rodgers, because Kevin has NEVER once tweeted about having a girlfriend, just mainly about the Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers, and Justin Bieber's music and sitting front row at Bieber's concert."

You can listen to Rodgers discussing the gay rumors on the radio show via SoundCloud by clicking here.


  • MNrainbow, 2014-01-07 14:59:56

    Well, most gay men DO like women... So that doesn’t help his case. There’s no shame in being gay these days, so why deny it if it’s true?

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