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by Matthew Wexler
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Nov 19, 2013 - an LGBT-focused jewelry line, fundraising mechanism and curated e-commerce portal - is reaching out to community members and small businesses nationwide to post a "Missing Link" sign in opposition to the policies being practiced towards LGBT people in Russia. The gay-owned company's goal is to have a thousand small businesses, local media outlets, and/or community groups register up via their landing site and Facebook pages to stand in spirit outside the Russian embassy in New York City on the first day of the Olympics.

EDGE has reported for months of the human rights atrocities plaguing Russia's LGBT community, from the humiliation of an African foreign exchange student to the fines assessed to Lady Gaga's producers for her 2012 Moscow concerts, which violated "homosexual propaganda" law. President Vladimir Putin even signed a bill earlier this year that limits the adoption of Russian children by people from countries that allow same-sex marriage. creator Udi Behr could not stand idly by while this is happening and hatched the Missing Link campaign to raise awareness about this in the public eye. "There are even LGBT persons here in New York who don't know what's going on over there... dumping vodka in the street isn't enough!" exclaims Behr. "We must do everything we can to raise awareness about these atrocious policies and acts going on right now in Russia. The Olympics is the world stage and the symbols are supposed to stand for inclusion... the laws and what they are allowing people to do to each other is not inclusive... it's hateful and the antithesis of what the Olympics stand for."

Partnering with Immigration Equality, through the campaign's landing site, people and businesses are invited to request signs, stickers and posters to help spread the word. Local media outlets and businesses are invited to participate however they see fit, posting signs in their windows or via social media. Net proceeds from the purchase of's Missing Link pendant will go to aid The Russia Emergency Fund at Immigration Equality.

To learn more about the Missing Link campaign and purchase The Missing Link Pendant, CLICK HERE. ($35)

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