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Go Ahead Sinners, Make My Day: FRC VP Says Jesus is Packing Heat

by Bobby McGuire
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday Feb 20, 2014

AR-15 Father who art in Heaven.

Family Research Council Executive Vice President William G. "Jerry" Boykin apparently feels the scriptures need a Rambo-style reboot. Speaking at a Wallbuilders' Pro-Family Legislators Conference on Tuesday, the retired lieutenant general suggested that Jesus might chuck "peace" and become the "Prince of Piece," when he comes back with an AR-15 assault rifle. The British newspaper the Independent reports:

"The Lord is a warrior and in Revelation 19 it says when he comes back, he's coming back as what? A warrior. A mighty warrior leading a mighty army, riding a white horse with a blood-stained white robe. And I believe now that the sword he'll be carrying when he comes back is an AR-15."

Boykin then suggested that the son of God had a hand in writing the second amendment.

"Now I want you to think about this: where did the Second Amendment come from? ... From the Founding Fathers, it's in the Constitution. Well, yeah, I know that. But where did the whole concept come from? It came from Jesus when he said to his disciples 'now, if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one."

Boykin added that it was a biblical mandate to pack holy heat.

"He was a man’s man, but we feminized him in the church ... He was a tough guy and that’s the Jesus that I want to be like."

"I know, everybody says that was a metaphor. It was not a metaphor! And the sword today is an AR-15, so if you don't have one, go get one. You're supposed to have one. It's biblical."

This week's speech by Boykin at the Wallbuilder's conference is the latest in a series of outrageous public statements he has made about Jesus.

The audience at a November 2013 speech during a Men's Prayer Breakfast at William Jessup University heard Boykin say of Christ:

"He was a man's man, but we feminized him in the church ... He was a tough guy and that's the Jesus that I want to be like. That's the side that I want to be like. But we've feminized Jesus in the church and the men can't identify with him anymore; not the kind of men that I want to hang out with, they can't identify with this effeminate Jesus that we've tried to portray. He was a tough guy. He was a man's man"

In June 2013, Boykin linked the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell with the spike in sexual assaults in the armed forces, claiming that the "sexualization of our military with social engineering" was to blame.

"We are trying to violate the laws of nature, failing to recognize that these young men and women are at the peak of their sex drive when we try to mix the genders for reasons that to me are illogical and in doing so what we are doing is we are inviting this kind of behavior, it's not acceptable and it has to be punished and dealt with."


  • Wayne M., 2014-02-22 20:55:48

    Clearly this man is a complete crackpot!

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