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N.C. Pastors Call for Support on Marriage Ban

Tuesday Jul 15, 2014
N.C. Pastors Call for Support on Marriage Ban

RALEIGH - Pastors from across the state will rally to call on Gov. Pat McCrory to defend traditional marriage before a Court of Appeals judge is set to rule on the issue.

The North Carolina's Pastor's Network will meet Tuesday morning on the south steps of the Capitol Building to call on the governor to support the marriage amendment that North Carolina voters approved in 2012.

The president of the group, Dave Kistler, says the ruling will directly affect North Carolina citizens' hard-fought traditional marriage victory.

More than 60 percent of North Carolina voters approved a marriage amendment that defined marriage as between one man and one woman

The network says it is committed to a biblical worldview and supports elected officials who most clearly embrace it.

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  • patroy, 2014-07-15 10:36:18

    When ANY church/religion petitions a political leader they are no longer abiding by the law of separation of church and State and therefore must relinquish their tax-exempt status. It is time the American people start holding these churches/religions accountable for their actions of playing politics.

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