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Bryan Fischer Calls LGBT Activists ’Leeches’

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Monday Apr 28, 2014

The American Family Association's Bryan Fischer is back in the spotlight for once again spewing anti-gay remarks.

As reported by Right Wing Watch, Fischer targeted the LGBT community, calling New York activists that oppose plans to open a Chick-fil-A in the city "leeches."

"The point here is that with the homosexual lobby, you cannot ever give them enough. Don't even try," Fischer said in a recent broadcast of his show "Focal Point." "There's no point in offering them some kind of appeasement in the hopes that they will leave you alone, that they will leave you in peace. It won't work."

Earlier this year Fischer voiced his problems with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' performance at the Grammy Awards, where the duo performed their gay marriage jam "Same Love." During the performance, Queen Latifah married more than 30 couples, both gay and straight, and Madonna made an appearance. That didn't sit too well with Fischer, however.

"The heart of the Grammy-thing last night was this big number -- Queen Latifah, deputized by L.A. County apparently to perform wedding ceremonies -- she performed wedding ceremonies in the middle of the Grammy ceremony for 34, 36 couples, a number of whom were homosexual couples" he said. Fischer went on to call the performance an "abomination," asserting his opinion that same-sex marriage harms children as though it was a documented fact.

"If you care about children, this thing should appall you," he added. "Gay marriage is bad for children. In fact same-sex parenting -- I'm going to be very direct here -- same-sex parenting is a form of child abuse."

Fischer also had a problem with the other musicians, including Beyonce, who kicked off the Grammy's with "Drunk in Love," featuring husband Jay Z.

"The opening number with Beyonce was a complete raunch-fest; the way she dressed, her moves, what she did, what was done to her -- was absolutely not suitable for family viewing," Fischer said. He added that it "set the tone" of the Grammy Awards and that it was "inexcusably tawdry behavior."

Fischer also made outrageous remarks during a January "Focal Point" broadcast about the transgender community, saying trans people are "anti-science." He cited a column by Fox News' psychologist Keith Ablow and said trans people don't really exist because being transgender is a lie created by the Devil.

"Who are the people operating in the realm of science?" Fischer asked. "Well, it's us because we know you're either male or female by DNA assigned to them at the moment of conception by a creator God who doesn't make those kind of mistakes."

He went on to say that rejecting lies in the name of Jesus will cause trans people to "be free of their gender confusion."

"If we embrace the truth that we find in the Scriptures," Fischer said, adding, "that you are either male or female, DNA does lie, anatomy doesn't lie, and you take authority over any lie that comes into your mind, then you eventually will be thinking straight about your sexual identity. So we're the ones that are operating in the realm of science here."

Watch Fischer call LGBT activists "leeches" below:


  • Wayne M., 2014-04-28 20:51:32

    Leeches? This is coming from a man who enjoys special tax privileges and then uses those privileges along with raising fear and telling lies to get good donations from supporters. As for his remark that same-sex marriage is bad for children, there are two facts he needs to get through his thick skull. FIRST OF ALL, the issue of same-sex marriage (or any marriage) is separate from the issue of adopting or having children. If he insists that marriage and having children must be tied together as one issue, then to be honest, he should support laws that will deny marriage to opposite-sex couples who either cannot or will not have children. SECONDLY, the fact is that very careful studies by independent researchers have shown beyond any doubt that having same-sex parents is NOT bad for children and NOT a form of abuse. As usual, and like his buddies, Scott Lively and Peter LaBarbera, Fischer is deliberately lying and doing so to raise fear, anger and hate.

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