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Britney Spears’ Favorite Author is a Texas Anti-Gay Preacher

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Wednesday Nov 6, 2013

Britney Spears may not read a lot... what with being busy working on her eighth studio album, "Britney Jean," and prepping for her two-year residency show in Las Vegas. But when she does pick up a book, Brit apparently tends to read works by Max Lucado, a best-selling author and a former church preacher from Texas who often spews anti-gay rhetoric in his writings, according to the British newspaper the Independent.

Spears was responding to fans' questions on Twitter to promote her upcoming record, and when one fan asked the pop star what her favorite book is, Britney responded by saying, "Anything by Max Lucado."

According to the Independent, Lucado has penned several self-help books where he discusses his controversial views on the LGBT community. In one book, he says marriage equality will lead to "legalized polygamy and other deviations" that will "erode the traditional family."

The publication also points to a 2004 article by Lucado, which is titled "What God Says About Gay Marriage," where he equates gay marriage to bestiality.

"If they recognize gay marriage, what will keep them from the next step? Who's to say that one man can't marry five women? Or two men and two women? How about a commune marriage? Or a marriage between a daddy and a daughter or a woman and giraffe? Don't underestimate the evil bent of the human heart," he writes.

Another part of the article reads: "let there be no gay bashing among God's people." Lucado also says that no gay men or women "will have a share in the Kingdom of God."

But it appears Lucado’s views have been toned down. In his 2011 book "Max on Life," he writes, "Jesus loves his gay children. Nothing can separate us from the love of God. This includes homosexuality. He made them, came for them, and died for them."

According to the Independent, Brit had a copy of Lucado’s "Grace for the Moment" with her on her during a summer trip.

It’s no surprise that gay men make up a large portion of Britney’s fan base and she’s long been hailed as a gay icon, so it’s hard to tell how these diehard fans will react to her tweet.

Brit, however, recently came under fire after an interview on San Francisco radio show 99.7 NOW FM, where she commented on her gay fans, the Huffington Post reports.

"A lot of my hair stylists and my beauty team that I work with are gay so I hang out with gays a lot and I just think they’re adorable and hilarious," she said.

Performer Mykki Blanco also called out Britney in a Twitter rant for her single "Work Bitch," saying the pop star attempted to exploit gay culture and that the track is "tacky," later asking, "is it just me or is EVERY female pop star currently in a war to secure as many GAY fans and gay $ as possible ?"

"This is not ’gay pride’ it’s ’gay marketing’ designed to keep u fags on ecstasy blasting garbage music till 6 am," the gender-bending artist tweeted in September.

Britney admitted to gay U.K. talk show host Alan Carr that "Work Bitch" was an ode to he gay fans, HuffPo reports.

"I don’t call everyone ... that word," she said. "I just use it as, it’s like in respect to the gays as a term of endearment," she said. "It’s like a street slang for everyone, you know, like you get to work, that’s what you do when you get to work and it’s, like, cool."

It should be noted Max Lucado is not related to Spears’ current partner, David Lucado.

Watch the music video for "Work Bitch" below and check out Britney’s newest single "Perfume" as well.


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