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Obama ’Hugely Impressed’ With Pope Francis

Thursday Oct 3, 2013

President Barack Obama says he's "hugely impressed" with Pope Francis and his pronouncements since he took over the papacy six months ago.

Obama was asked in a CNBC interview about the pope's recent remarks that the Catholic Church had become obsessed with issues like gay rights and abortion. Francis had said the church should emphasize compassion over condemnation.

Obama says the pope is prioritizing how to embrace people rather than push them away. He says the pope looks for the good in people and promotes a sense of love and unity. He says Francis seems to live out the teachings of Jesus by emphasizing humility and caring for the poor in both his words and his actions.

Obama says those are characteristics he admires in all leaders, religious or otherwise.

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  • Wayne M., 2013-10-03 22:34:09

    As an ex-Roman Catholic, there is nothing about that church that impresses me anymore. However, when it comes to Pope Francis, I am prepared to reserve judgment for now. In many ways, he is talking the right talk and giving reasons for hope - but I want to see results and actions for I remember many past positive pronouncements from Roman Catholic officials that were followed by actions in the exact opposite direction.

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