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Anti-LGBT Pastor Claims Trump is Having Sex with 'Stringy-Head Slut' Kellyanne Conway

Thursday Mar 9, 2017

Prepare to throw up in your mouth a little.

Rev. James David Manning, head of the Harlem-based anti-LGBT hate group ATLAH Worldwide Church, has taken a break from relentless anti-"sodomite" rhetoric and instead turned the focus of his outrageous claims and statements on President Donald Trump, whom he now claims is having sex with White House advisor Kellyanne Conway.

Taking umbrage with the highly publicized photograph of Kellyanne Conway kneeling on the Oval Office sofa while playing with her phone, Manning said:

"I simply want to go back to the Kellyanne Conway photo of her sitting on the sofa, on her knees, with her dress jacked up and her legs wide open, and go away and call her 'a stringy-head slut.' This is one of the ugliest, vilest things I've ever seen."

Noting that the incident occurred while Trump was meeting with leaders of historically black colleges and universities, Manning continued:

"All them Hamite men are standing there getting erections. It shows you the level of demonic sexual, demonic spirits," Manning opined about Conway kneeling on the Oval Office furniture.

"I don't blame Kellyanne Conway for that," Manning said. "I blame Tribulation Trump, because he's a demon and obviously he's having sex with her and she just probably feels like, 'I can be like this around him because I think he likes me that way.' This is the ugliest slut I've ever seen. And they're very close, Conway and Trump. This is an ugly stringy-head slut."

Manning has taken to giving the president the nickname "Tribulation Trump," a nod to a futurist view of Christianity which foresees worldwide hardships, disasters, famine, pain and suffering that will wipe out 75% of all life before the Second Coming.

Lest anyone think that Manning has gone soft with his anti-LGBT sentiment, take note in the fact that he enthusiastically supported Trump's candidacy until he showed support for the victims of the Pulse Nightclub massacre in Orlando.

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