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RNC Listens to Top Conservatives’ Demands

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Friday Apr 12, 2013

It appears that the Republican Party has given into the demands of the Family Research council and a dozen other similar anti-gay marriage groups. As ABC News reports, the Republican National Committee unanimously voted to continue to oppose marriage equality on Friday.

The GOP platform defines marriage "as the union of one man and one woman." The resolution also asks the U.S. Supreme Court to "uphold the sanctity of marriage in its rulings on Proposition 8 and the Federal Defense of Marriage Act."

Focus on the Family urged its supporters in an email on Thursday to stop funding the Republican Party until they start to actively oppose gay marriage, the New Civil Rights Movement reports.

Tony Perkins, president of the anti-gay marriage group, wrote: "Until the RNC and the other national Republican organizations grow a backbone and start defending core principles, don't give them a dime of your hard-earned money. If you want to invest in the political process, and I encourage you to do so, give directly to candidates who reflect your values and organizations you trust-like FRC Action. At least then you can relax, knowing that your money will be spent advancing faith, family, and freedom!"

Perkins' message comes soon after the Republican National Committee met in Los Angeles on Friday, where members are expected to vote on a resolution opposing gay marriage.

"As the country and the GOP evolves on the issue of marriage for gay and lesbian couples, this resolution is a step backward from the party that Republican leaders say they are trying to build," Chad Griffin, Human Rights Campaign president said in a statement. "Instead of passing this resolution, the party should use this as an opportunity to reach young and independent voters who are tired of the divisive culture wars of the past."

The Focus on the Family isn't the only ultra conservative organization to threaten to leave the GOP if they decide to support marriage equality. NBC recently reported that the heads of 13 groups wrote a letter to RNC Chairman Reince Pribus and warned that they would leave if the party didn't continue to stand against marriage equality.

Earlier this week, former presidential candidate Rick Santorum made controversial comments in an interview and said that it would be "suicidal" for the Republican Party to back gay marriage.

The Republican Party continues to be out of step with Americans on gay marriage as a new poll showed that marriage equality support is at its highest. According to an ABC News and Washington Post poll, 58 percent of Americans now are in favor of same-sex marriage.

The GOP showed signs that it may consider supporting gay marriage, however. Earlier this month the RNC sent out a detailed questionnaire that seeks out information from a range of issues, including same-sex marriage. The questionnaire is interesting for many reasons; besides even asking members if they are gay, the organization uses progressive language (at least for the GOP) like "gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender," instead of simply using the word "homosexual."


  • gdhamf, 2013-04-12 23:48:12

    Who gives a rotten rats ass? The rnc is becoming more and more backward every day, let them go the way of the dinosaur.

  • Caleb Burgess, 2013-04-13 00:51:59

    I agree with you gdhamf but the difference is people actually like dinosaur... where as everyone else would be much happier without the GOP

  • , 2013-04-13 07:30:37

    Core principles. Whose core principles? The dusty, old Republican Party principle of respect for individual liberty or the hijacked Republican Party principle of forcing a fundamentalist Christian moral code on those of us who weren’t even raised as Christians. I want fairness in the application of civil rights and responsibilities. I’m not interested in participating in someone else’s religious sacrament.

  • Oh Jed said:, 2013-04-13 09:08:01

    Yes, what he, he, he, and he way said.

  • WayGay, 2013-04-13 12:47:52

    The more the GOP sticks to their core values, the more people migrate to the dems.

  • WayGay, 2013-04-13 14:51:34

    The Tea Party has lowered the intelligence quotient of this country by 30 points.

  • Wayne M., 2013-04-16 21:00:32

    These are the people who say that government should get out of people’s private lives? Yet they want to tell people who they can or cannot love and who they can or cannot marry! It appears that conservatives in the United States needs to replace the Republicans with a party genuinely interested in getting out of people’s private affairs and lives.

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