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Calif. Lawmaker Says Man Ruined, Called LGBT Pride Flag 'Disgusting'

Friday Mar 17, 2017

Rep. Alan Lowenthal (D-CA) took to Facebook Thursday and said a man destroyed the LGBT Pride flag displayed outside his office in Washington, D.C., adding the suspect called the flag "disgusting" and "immoral" before stomping on it.

The incident happened Wednesday and occurred when the man told Lowenthal's staff it was "disgusting" to hang the gay rights flag near the American flag, the lawmaker said.

"The fact that someone would grab a flag that they didn't like and not just throw it on the ground, but stomp all over it ... it's certainly shocking," he told the LA Times.

Lowenthal wasn't there during the incident but said his chief of staff and other members of his staff followed the man down the hallway and urged him to speak with Capitol police.

The LA Times reports the authorities did in fact speak with the suspect and Lowenthal told the newspaper, "they told us he didn't break any rules or any laws, so they let him go."

A spokeswoman for the Capitol police told the LA Times they wouldn't comment on ongoing investigations.

"I just think it's terrible. I'm just shocked that it happened," Lowenthal said. "It just reinforces my belief that more work needs to be done."

The lawmaker is the vice chairman of the House LGBT Caucus and has displayed the LGBT rainbow flag outside his office since 2013. He told the newspaper passersby often comment they're happy to see the flag.

The flag is now back on display.

"We're proud to fly the pride flag, and we're going to continue to show how proud we are," Lowenthal told the LA Times.

Some of Lowenthal's colleagues, including Nancy Pelosi, have defended him, showing displays of LGBT pride. Find those tweets below, along with Lowenthal's original Facebook posting.


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