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Paula Deen Apologizes for Past Use of Racial Slurs

Friday Jun 21, 2013

Paula Deen issued a video apology on Friday, days after it was revealed that she admitted using racial slurs in the past.

The TV cook said she wanted to apologize "for the wrong that I've done" and that she wanted to learn and grow from the incident.

While questioned last month in a discrimination lawsuit, the 66-year-old Food Network star admitted to having used racial slurs in the past, but insisted she and her family do not tolerate prejudice.

In the video apology posted on YouTube, Deen said "inappropriate, hurtful language is totally, totally unacceptable."

The Food Network said Thursday it doesn't tolerate any form of discrimination and is looking into the situation.

Watch the clip below:

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  • Bob K, 2013-06-22 04:42:52

    EVERYBODY of her generation used words that were common then but are taboo now -- If she kept using them after the 1960s, that is another matter.

  • WayGay, 2013-06-22 08:02:23

    Just another exams of that fake southern kindness that masks bigotry and hatred. Her food is ridiculous anyhow. She takes crap and loads it up with sugar and fat. No wonder fat Americans like it.

  • , 2013-06-22 11:27:50

    Who cares? It was the 60’s, it was a different world back then and she’s different now. Plus how many gays have used language that would be deemed offensive if used by heterosexuals? She’s a nice lady with freaky eyes.

  • The_Social_Antisocial, 2013-06-22 17:57:31

    Terms such as she used don’t come out of her mouth because of a generational language barrier. They come from a place of bigotry.

  • Bram, 2013-07-04 14:25:33

    At least she admitted to it and apologized for past offenses. Most people would have lied about it. She may have grown up talking one way but she says she has changed and I for one believe her and am willing to give her a pass. Who hasn’t thrown a racial slur? Only real difference is that she is on tv and can’t get away with it while the average joe can.

  • Bram, 2013-07-04 14:27:03

    P.S. I’m not saying its right or ok either.

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