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Utah Committed to Defense of Gay Marriage Ban

by Brady McCombs
Thursday May 22, 2014

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert says he remains totally committed to defending the state's same-sex marriage ban, calling decisions by other state leaders to not to defend bans the 'next step to anarchy.'

Herbert made the comments Thursday during his monthly televised news conference on KUED. The Republican governor said he's dismayed by the suggestion that Utah should drop its defense of the 2004 voter-approved ban just because public opinion and social mores are shifting.

Oregon and Pennsylvania leaders this week opted not to appeal rulings from federal judges striking down gay marriage bans there.

Herbert also said he believes it's unclear if sexual orientation is a choice. He said a person's attraction may be natural, but how you act on those impulses is a choice.

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  • Bob K, 2014-05-22 22:21:15

    The "choice" thing is pure mormon mormonity --- since they believe that only a heterosexual wedding in the temple gets you the goodies in the afterlife, they have to think that you can choose to act hetero.

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