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Group Seeks Fed Recognition for Utah Gay Marriages

by Julie Pace
Thursday Jan 9, 2014

The nation's largest gay rights group is asking the federal government to recognize same-sex couples that married in Utah before the Supreme Court put these unions in the state on hold.

The court's decision has created confusion for more than 1,000 couples. In a letter obtained by The Associated Press, the Human Rights Campaign asks Attorney General Eric Holder to allow those couples to receive federal benefits.

The letter came one day after Utah Gov. Gary Herbert instructed state agencies to hold off on processing any new benefits for the newly-married couples. Agencies are not supposed to revoke any benefits that have already been issued.

A Supreme Court decision last year extended many federal benefits to married same-sex couples.

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  • JaimeB, 2014-01-09 19:02:57

    This is precisely the reason why the Supreme Court’s attempt to make gay marriage a state-by-state matter is doomed to failure. Once a court has ruled and same-sex couples have been married in any state, trying to reverse that is like the little Dutch boy trying to plug a hole in a dam with his thumb or like King Canute ordering the sea to stop making waves. The days of second-class citizenship of any and all kinds are definitely over. And trying to continue the old system by appeasing bigots is a moral failure of colossal proportions. The Supremes are condoning bigotry and oppression of American citizens, and so are losing whatever shred of respect they may have been hanging onto. If they don’t move, it’s time to pack the Court as FDR tried to do in the 30s.

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