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Diverse Celebrities Defend Baldwin

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Tuesday Nov 19, 2013

What do Ann Coulter, Harvey Fierstein and "Mad Men" actor Bryan Batt have in common? They're all defending Alec Baldwin, who came under fire last week for using anti-gay slurs against a photographer.

While many have called the actor out (hello Anderson Cooper) for allegedly calling paparazzo a "cocksucking fag" (he denies using the word "fag") these three celebs are coming to Baldwin's side.

Shortly after the actor made headlines for his remarks, officials from MSNBC suspended Baldwin's talk show for two episodes, though they did not specify why they did so. As the Huffington Post reports, Ann Coulter told NewsMaxTV host Steve Malzberg on Monday that the move by the cable station was wrong and "they shouldn't have suspended him."

"In defense of Alec Baldwin, the photographer, he's not actually gay," she said. "This was just a curse word. It was like using the f-word and, frankly, a lot of these paparazzi photographers deserve it. It's not something Alec Baldwin said in a calm moment on television. He has been harassed horribly by photographers and now this stalker, and he's trying to protect his family and he curses. That is what happened."

Harvey Fierstein, who is openly gay, also defended Baldwin - though not to the extent as Coulter. According to, playwright/actor took to his Facebook on Saturday to give his take on the controversy.

"Alec Baldwin is nuts, but not evil. As someone who has known him for decades I can attest to that," he wrote. "AND, just for the record, if news cameras and photographers gave you no space, no peace, filmed your every movement, aired your personal phone messages, stuck cameras in the face of your loved ones, allowed you no private space whatsoever for YEARS at a time... I think most of you would react far worse than he.

"Those disgusting bloodsuckers who call themselves ’reporters’ push and prod and provoke like ill behaved teens outside a lion’s cage," he continued.

"If the lion eventually turns around and eats the idiot... Well, that’s called ’cause and effect.’ And if you don’t believe me - Try having a friend or loved one hold a book up in your face and refuse to remove it. No matter where you looked or moved or how nicely you asked them to stop they keep the book in your face. See how long you’d put up with that nicely. Now imagine that for 24/7 for DECADES by a dozen people doing it!!!"
"Yes, celebrity has a price, but not to be tortured," Fierstein concluded.

He also tweeted about Baldwin and on Nov. 16 he wrote, "Alec Baldwin Suspended is not a homophobe! He is a man being tortured by tabloid bloodsuckers," and linked to a Huffington Post article about the drama.

Bryan Batt, who is also openly gay and best known for his role as Salvatore Romano on "Mad Men," replied to Fierstein’s Facebook post, agreeing with him.

"I’m with Harvey, he speaks the truth and nothing but...however, we live in odd times...unkind names and slurs are hurled everywhere...some people are punished for using them and some not," Batt wrote. "I don’t understand why black people call each other the N word and its all over rap music and I don’t understand why some gay people call each other fag...I heard the argument that its ’taking back or ownership of the slur’...I don’t get it...either way, the sole purpose of these words are to hurt....just my thoughts no need to respond...xoxoxox to Harvey"

In turn, Fierstein wrote back to Batt and asked if people "boycott churches and mosques and synagogues" that spew anti-gay rhetoric.

"Do you stand up to Ralph Reed or the GOP or a pig like Chris Christie who said there would be gay marriage in New Jersey over his dead body?" Fierstein asked. "But you are willing to destroy the career of a stupid actor who actually supports us with money, appearances, and public statements because he has a filthy disgusting inappropriate mouth? Not my way of doing things, darling."

"I judge people by what’s in their heart and what they do with their hands, not what comes out of their mouths in a moment of extreme stress," he added.


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