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’Kids React’ to Same-Sex Marriage Proposals

Tuesday Nov 5, 2013

It has long been argued that we are all born with an innate sense of fairness and that prejudice is a learned behavior. A recent video making a huge viral splash on social media sets out to prove that theory with a montage of interviews featuring children and their thoughts on marriage equality and gay rights.

In recent months, two of the most popular viral videos, "Spencer's Home Depot Marriage Proposal" and "Seattle+The Washington Bus+ Alissa = wedding proposal," featured same-sex marriage proposals. Since their upload, both videos have had a worldwide audience of over 23 million views combined. Filmmakers Benny and Rafi Fine (the Fine Bros) both videos to a group of 13 children from California between the ages of 5 and 13 and then asked them about their thoughts about marriage and discrimination.

The video notes: "The opinions of children about these issues can give incredibly valuable insight into where our society currently stands and where we are headed as people. It's important to discuss these topics openly in hopes of a better tomorrow through dialogue and conversation."

Since its upload two days ago, The Fine Bros "Kids React to Gay Marriage" has been viewed 2,293,632 times on YouTube.

The kid's reactions to both videos mostly show a great deal of tolerance with the older girls expectedly getting swept away with the romance of both wedding proposals. After seeing "Spencer's Home Depot Marriage Proposal" 11-year-old Elle swooned and said, "When someone proposes to me, that's what I want to happen." Reactions from the older boys were more blasé. Thirteen-year-old Troy said, "OK they're gay, but that's OK."

After viewing the video "Seattle+The Washington Bus+ Alissa = wedding proposal," featuring a woman on top of a city bus with flash cards proposing to her fiancé, 10-year-old Jayka seemed less concerned with gender and more with safety, remarking "It's a little dangerous standing on a bus."

Perhaps the most interesting interview subject is 7-year-old Samirah, whose comments start out incredulous "This is crazy!" and "How does a guy marry a guy?" Throughout the course of the 15 minute video, she becomes reflective: "I'm just new to the concept," before becoming supportive "I don't get why anyone would be mad." When asked about religion, the precocious moppet says, "I'm a Christian and I don't think its wrong!"

Only 5-year-old Lukas, the youngest subject in the video voices any objection. "Gay is bad for you," the little boy says. When asked why, he shrugs and replies, "I don't know."

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