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Anti-Gay Marriage Ad Blasted on Hawaiian Radio

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Thursday Oct 31, 2013

A new anti-gay marriage radio ad, unsurprisingly sponsored by the Hawaii Republican Assembly, is playing across the state's airwaves as the Hawaiian House is scheduled to hear a measure that would legalize same-sex marriage, the Huffington Post reports.

The ad claims that gay marriage is "merely a stepping stone to have government forcibly legitimize and normalize all sorts of deviant behavior. Terrible consequences will affect everyone and everything imaginable forever."


It goes on to say that churches will have to perform marriage ceremonies on same-sex couples and local business owners will also be forced to go against their beliefs in order to back marriage equality. Additionally, the ad says Gov. Neil Abercrombie has not warned citizens about the dangers of same-sex marriage and he even "recently admitted that bisexual marriage is right around the corner." Whatever that is.

On Thursday night the Hawaiian Senate easily approved the measure. The House will hear arguments on marriage equality on Thursday and possibly on Friday as well. Gov. Abercrombie plans to sign the measure into law, which would make Hawaii the 15th state to recognize marriage equality.

Listen to the ridiculous ad below:


  • Bob K, 2013-11-01 05:29:45

    After listening to about 3 hours of the testimony to the Senate, mostly by older Japanese Americans and by preachers, I am concerned. ALL the crap about the Evil Gays came up -- many Hawaians have been duped by the lying churches. Don’t forget that a few churches rake in fortunes on Japanese secular weddings, and would therefore have to allow Gays to marry.

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