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Hawaii Senate Passes Gay Marriage Bill, House to Vote

by Oskar Garcia
Wednesday Oct 30, 2013

HONOLULU - The Hawaii state Senate has passed a bill legalizing gay marriage, sending the measure to the House.

The Senate passed the bill during a midday session on Wednesday, with senators approving the measure 20-4.

Democratic Sen. Clayton Hee said before voting for the bill that the moment is career-defining and lawmakers should embrace it.

Hee says Hawaii should expand its definition of aloha to truly include everyone regardless of sexual orientation.

The bill is expected to face a more difficult path in the House than the Senate, though both chambers are dominated by Democrats.

The House plans to refer the bill later Wednesday to a joint committee hearing on Thursday. The hearing is likely to be jammed with public testimony, with the possibility of being extended to a second day.

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  • Bob K, 2013-10-31 06:19:06

    The public testimony to the Senate committee was mostly very disheartening. Conservative Japanese-American church members who fail to see the parallel between "no marriage for Gays" and the concentration camps their West Coast relatives were sent to 70 years ago. There is BIG MONEY in a few churches that do "for profit, just pay us a lot" Japanese secular weddings. The goons of hate convinced folks that the Evil Gays just want to take over. FOOLISH ME -- I THOUGHT "ALOHA" WAS MEANT FOR EVERYONE, but bigots said it before spouting bigotry.

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