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Norwegian Comedy Duo Release ’Fox’ Follow Up: ’Massachusetts’

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Wednesday Oct 23, 2013

You've probably heard at addictively annoying song on the radio recently that goes, "WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY?" It's called "The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)" and was released by the Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis (think Europe's answer to The Lonely Island) in September. The song, along with its music video, went viral (it has over 150 million views), propelling the track to No. 6 on the U.S. Billboard chart.

The duo, brothers Bard and Vegard Ylvisaker, are back with their second single/video "Massachusetts," which is an ode to the Bay State and of course includes plenty of gay jokes.

"Massachusetts, greatest state of all / (That's right!) / Just because your kissin' a man doesn't make you gay / Confused!" the men sing on the funkafied track. There are some other gay jokes, but they are a bit cringe worthy.

According to Spin, the brothers host a variety show in Norway. The music magazine writes "Massachusetts" is a "tongue-in-cheek tribute to the history-rich northeastern state and, as it turns out, Ylvis' 'favorite place on earth.'"

"What do they like so much about the Bay State, you ask? Well, blue jeans and flannels, for one. Also, the Boy Scouts of Attleboro, the Staring Dogs of Suffolk County, Nelson Mandela's home, and that one guy named Bruce," Spin writes. "It's pretty funny and musically deft - heartland-meets-soft rock with the occasional church choir or African percussive flurry - and mostly comes across as a hat-in-the-ring for Lonely Island-style status as a video/song/comedy production team."

According to, the official music video for "Massachusetts" has been deleted off YouTube but there are other rips of the clip on the website. Nevertheless, this song is probably going to be huge, at least in "MASSOCHEICHEI"

Check it out below:


  • Ciboney, 2013-10-24 11:09:56

    About time some foreigners appreciate the best state in the USA. LOL. Funny. I bet Republican Party will sue Norway for this.

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