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New Campaign Aims to End Bullying With Hunky Carwash

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Tuesday Sep 17, 2013

Hunky, Speedo-wearing dudes in Palm Springs, Calif., participated in the "Studs and Suds" charity carwash last week, which raised money for a local anti-bullying foundation called "Boo 2 Bullying," KMIR, Palm Spring's NBC-affiliated station reports.

A group of buff men, stripped down to their skimpy bathing suits to raise money and awareness that bullying can impact everyone, including members of the LGBT community.

"Many gay men and even non-gay men have been victims of bullying," Palm Springs resident Sandy Edelstein told KMIR. "I was bullied for many years and it definitely left its mark on me and thankfully it's true, things do get better."

Edelstein said he drove through the carwash "to wash all the old cars he says are dusty from sitting at his house all summer long," KMIR writes.

"For as comfortable as I am with myself, there are a lot of young people out there who aren't, so awareness is everything," Palm Springs resident Scott King adds.

Dimitri Halkidis, the president and founder of the "Boo 2 Bullying" campaign, says bullying can affect straight people too.

"I don't think it matters what sexuality you are. Bullying is bullying whether you're white, yellow, green, black, straight, LGBT-- it just does not matter," Halkidis told the local news station. Sam Phillips, the media director for the "Boo 2 Bullying" campaign agreed with Halkidis and said bullying "happens at home, it happens at school, it happens on the streets, it happens in the workplace - bullying happens everywhere."

"So if you're different, if you're unique and you stand out, chances are you'll be a target for somebody that doesn't like that," Phillips said.

Halkidis told KMIR that the point of "Studs and Suds" was to end bullying while celebrating people's differences, saying, "If we can save one kid, we're doing our job."

Edelstein said the carwash was for a good cause and having some hot hunks wash cars is a bonus.

"The guys are really nice," he said. "They're really nice to look at so come out and make them work harder and sweat more," says King. "It was definitely an appeal. We thought, what fun. Have some nice eye candy and get the cars washed all at the same time."


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