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Wash. Gay Wedding Flower Trial Advances

Friday Jul 19, 2013

The trial of a Richland florist who refused to provide flowers for a gay wedding is still on track.

A Benton County judge struck down pretrial motions Wednesday from both sides.

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson is suing the owner of Arlene's Flowers, Barronelle Stutzman, for what the state says is a violation of the Consumer Protection Act. That lawsuit seeks a court order barring her from discriminating. A trial date has not yet been set.

Stutzman told a long-time customer last March she would not provide flowers for a same-sex marriage because it was against her religious beliefs.

Stutzman also is being sued by the American Civil Liberties Union. And a group called the Alliance Defending Freedom filed a lawsuit on behalf of Stutzman.

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  • Bob K, 2013-07-19 19:40:37

    Her refusal came after a bitter campaign, started by catholic bishops and other churches, to invalidate the marriage equality law passed in the Legislature. I am sure she had no way to say "yes" and show her face in church. JUST ANOTHER CASE WHERE THE CATHOLIC BISHOPS CAUSE TROUBLE FOR GAYS (they are the largest organized group, since the mormons backed off)--- and another chance for me to ask why any Gay person and their family/friends sets foot in a catholic church

  • WayGay, 2013-07-22 07:59:51

    Well she should have told her ignorant church cult that under the law she as a business owner cannot discriminate.

  • , 2013-07-23 09:27:40

    Ok, I get the part where they can’t legally discriminate. I have to say though there would be freeze warnings in hades before I would spend a dime with a company like that.

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