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Cazwell to Club Café on Thursday

Wednesday May 8, 2013

If you've ever seen the video "Ice Cream Truck," you know Cazwell, the New York-based rapper with a definite LGBT edge. In the video, directed by Marco Ovando, Cazwell is joined by the hottest group of guys this side of Andrew Christian. The song was an immediate hit, receiving some one million YouTube views in its first week. (It has received three million to date.)

His music suggests a mix of downtown NYC club culture and mainstream pop - an irresistible blend, it turns out. He describes it as "if Biggie Smalls ate Donna Summer for breakfast."

Cazwell is also known for his collaborations with fashion icon and BFF Amanda Lepore, "Get Into It," a funky fashion-hop duo with a video by by Marco Ovando, and "Marilyn" a sharp and dark electro banger with a video from Leo Herrera.

He followed the success of "Ice Cream Truck" with another video directed by Ovando, "Get My Money Back," described on his website as "a streetwise electro anthem with Cazwell's signature naughty-but-nice flair."

You can watch the video below and come see Cazwell perform this Thursday night at Club Café. He will be appearing with CC regulars Rainbow Frite and Constance Waverly. Cliff Cunningham will be playing the music.

For more on his Club Café appearance his website.

Watch the "Ice Cream Truck" video below.


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