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Gay Marriage Fight Comes to Texas, Despite Ban

Monday Dec 2, 2013

Two lawsuits are underway that could overturn the Texas ban on same-sex marriage next year.

A federal court in San Antonio will hear arguments in January from attorneys representing two couples who want to live as lawfully wedded. The Texas Supreme Court is considering two where former couples who want their out-of-state marriages legally dissolved.

They are challenging a constitutional ban on same-sex marriages approved by 1.7 million Texas voters in 2005.

Attorney General Greg Abbott has promised to defend the Texas law, but the U.S. Supreme Court will likely have the final say.

Conservative activists in Texas are fighting same-sex marriage by declaring it a violation of state's rights and religious freedom. Since Republicans who control the state oppose gay marriage, the law will likely be decided in court.

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  • , 2013-12-03 10:44:30

    Can one only believe that backward Texas is still fighting tooth and nail to keep intolerant draconian, victorian laws on their books! This is the Twenty-Second Century already where people are certainly free to marry whomever they choose without interference from someone else who has literally no right or standing to tell them whom they should be with or marry. The unfairness in disallowing same-sex couples to marry wreaks of the continued prejudice, discrimination, intolerance, inequality, and hatred towards one who is different from another. This practice simply cannot continue to give Texas a black eye but gives voters who are broad-minded the power to kick out the Republicans who embrace this stance which merely serves to perpetuate their control-oriented ways of ruling this state. We need NEW voices that will see ALL people as EQUAL under the law and move to do away with draconian practices and laws that serve no good to anyone any more than the racial inequality laws did. Let’s do away with them once and for all and stop interfering with people’s lives. Elect Democratic Representatives in Texas!

  • , 2013-12-14 13:06:59

    As a Texas citizen, I’m appalled at how my "friendly state" is acting. There is a separation of church and state. Government recognized weddings are supposed to be unaffiliated with religious marriages. I believe one faith should not be able to infringe on the rights of other people. That goes against the constitution. And I’m offended that you would call Texas backward and tell us how to vote.

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