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Lawyer/Soldier/Model Sues Apple for Allowing Porn to Destroy his Marriage

by Bobby McGuire
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Sunday Jul 14, 2013

Not since Eve in the book of Genesis has an apple caused so much misery. That is, until June 19, 2013 when a Tennessee attorney filed a complaint suing Apple corporation for an undisclosed sum, for ease that its product allowed pornography to destroy his marriage.

The story begins innocently enough. As stated in the 50 page complaint published on, filed by attorney Chris Sevier, who is representing himself in this lawsuit, "In using safari, the Plaintiff accidentally misspelled "" which lead him to "" and a host of web sites that caused him to see pornographic images that appealed to his biological sensibilities as a male and lead to an unwanted addiction with adverse consequences."

As reported in, Sevier's complaint makes a simple request: Apple should sell all products with an installed filter blocking all Internet porn. If the buyer, over the age of 18, wishes to unlock the Internet, he or she is free to contact Apple, sign a form acknowledging the ills of pornography, and receive a code to remove the filter. Sevier argues that the burden must be shifted from parents to the manufacturer to sell a locked device.

In the complaint, which is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors, Sevier 31, who is also an aspiring model (although his profile lists his age as 26) makes claims that range from the credible

"The Plaintiff became depressed and despondent, unable to work as a result of observing porn on his macbook and the impact it caused."

to the almost plausible

"Before purchasing a Macbook, the Plaintiff never went to a strip club or sex shop of any kind."

to the downright fictitious

"Before purchasing a Macbook, the Plaintiff had never seen pornographic images."

The complaint goes on to claim "UNFAIR COMPETITION AND INTERFERENCE OF THE MARITAL CONTRACT: The Plaintiff became totally out of synch in his romantic relationship with his wife, which was a consequence of his use of his Apple product. The Plaintiff began desiring, younger more beautiful girls featured in porn videos than his wife, who was no longer 21. His failed marriage caused the Plaintiff to experience emotional distress to the point of hospitalization. The Plaintiff could no longer tell the difference between internet pornography and tangible intercourse due to the content he accessed through the Apple products, which failed to provide him with warnings of the dangers of online pornography whatsoever."

In addition to Apple's browser Safari, Servier apparently has a fundamental lack of understanding of Apple's back up software, Time Machine. A bizarre tangent in his complaint states "In the 1950s, before there was the internet and the ACLU, we had prayer in school, males were not flaming out academically, there was no need for Viagra commercials to clog up our televisions late at not, homosexuals were substantially fewer in number, sex trafficking was virtually nonexistent, prostitution was way down, and child porn was unheard of. Why are things different - easily accessible pornography accessible through high speed internet and devices like Apple products is one contributing factor in that complex answer."

In a semi-related matter, less than a week after filing his complaint against Apple, Servier made headlines after being arrested for allegedly stalking country music star John Rich. As reported in The Tennessean, Mark "Chris" Sevier, 36, was arrested Sunday and charged with aggravated stalking for repeatedly sending emails to Rich, according to his arrest warrant. One of the emails included a picture showing a scantily clad Sevier draped in an American flag and covered in a substance "believed to be representing blood." Sevier's warrant said he had stalked Rich for years. Rich had filed two previous restraining orders.

Chris Sevier (aka Mark Christopher Sevier) has been placed on disability inactive status by order of the Tennessee Supreme Court, due to "mental infirmity or illness."


  • , 2013-07-14 15:26:32

    HAHAHA!!! OMG!!! This is hilarious!!! Is it for real or a hoax? If it’s legitimate then this society has no hope of a future.

  • WayGay, 2013-07-14 15:44:18

    This moron must be a republican since he is blaming everyone else for his own problems.

  • , 2013-07-14 17:49:24

    This dude should be listed on Stuff White People Like.

  • , 2013-07-14 22:01:41

    Oh please, try harder.

  • sunnyb, 2013-07-15 02:24:03

    Just looked up wow first you have to intentionally put in f u c k the e is on the opposite side of the key bored instead of k and even the u and a. His marriage was ruined because of his spouse and himself n it could have been his fault.

  • cc, 2013-07-15 11:05:28

    His shirt is also wrinkled because mommy didn’t iron it. Paleeeeese. A shark, I mean, lawyer actually took this non-case?

  • sunnyb, 2013-07-15 13:25:30

    Omg. Apple should not be liable for content on the Internet where there are guards you can place. This guy is falsely blaming others for his own short comings and failures.

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